Black Boston Politics
Mayor's Race

(Nov 2, 2021) Michelle Wu is elected mayor of the city of Boston by popular vote and we are delighted. Congrats Michelle!

Black politics issues discussion with the Mayor of Boston

Boston's new Black and BIPOC City Councilors are:

at-large Councilors Ruthzee Louijeune and Erin Murphy and
district Councilors Brian Worrell, Kendra Hicks and
Tania Fernandes Anderson for Roxbury District.

Returning members are:

Michael Flaherty
Julia Mejia
Lydia Edwards, left to run for state office
Ed Flynn
Frank Baker
Ricardo Arroyo
Kenzie Bok
Liz Breadon

(September 16, 2021) BLACKS LOSE IN ELECTION FOR MAYOR OF BOSTON. The reasons: no Black candidate received enough white city-wide votes. Too many registered Black Voters did not vote in the election. And perhaps there were too many Black candidates (3) running for the office. SO MICHELLE WU AND ANNISSI ESSAIBI GEORGE TOPPED THE TICKET. BLACK COMPETITORS KIM JANEY. ANDREA CAMBELL, AND JOHN BARROS LOST.

The best explanation about why Boston has never elected a Black Mayor is here in a GBH Radio article with Ken Cooper.

Before Election night, we issued an appeal and this was it.
Come on Black people of Boston It will be a crying shame if Black voter strategists do not suceed in electing a Black Mayor to govern the City of Boston in 2022. Kim Janey, our Black temporary mayor is a good start, but the scrappy city council threatens to unseat her. If Black people do not elect a Black Boston Mayor by popular vote -- you can do it using strategies that pushed our First Black Congresswoman into office -- then I don't know what to say. It is July 5th. You've got plenty of time before November elections Black people, so just do it.

(July 1, 2021) -- There is almost no body else running for Boston Mayor except Black people and some BIPOCs. A number of fine candidates have entered the race. Asian Michelle Wu, a current city councilor at-large was leading in the first official poll taken by big mass Boston media by a few points.

The African American incumbent KIM JANEY, our first Black to control the mayor's seat, was a very close second to Michelle Wu in that poll. RACE MATTERS in this election. It really does. White voters have always been able to assemble enough votes as a block to elect their choices for decades. Chances are, most White voters will vote for the one White woman running who says she's not White, she an ethnic minority, but there are not that many voters from her home country here.

So the Police and groups like them have endorsed the White Ethnic Minority candidate and councilor Mrs. Annissa Essaibi George in the race for new Boston Mayor 2022.

Andrea Campbell ran for Mayor

Michelle Wu voters delivered
Michelle Wu for mayor media download

Black and Latino elected state representatives

Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus Group Photo The Massachusetts State Representative salary is $62,547 per year. When members are appointed to committees by the leadership, the upgrade comes with extra cash stipends and perks.

Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus group photo

cut the check

How to finance Black Reparations

Here's our proposal. You can get revenue for reparations payments when a $1 service fee is attached to all rubber and synthetic tire transactions in US territories.

Take a guess. How many auto tires, truck tires, boat tires, plane tires, bicycle tires, golf cart tires, wheelbarrow tires, etc., do you think there are? Add $1 to every tire transaction. Black people must pay it, white people must pay it. The fee is so small, it won't be noticed.

To distribute the proceeds to African Americans, put it in newly formed cooperative banks. The coops have members and you must be a registered African American voter to have membership. Members are assigned a cash asset value by the coop. This value is based on the amount of revenue divided by the number of quarterly members who are in the coop.

There will be a number of coops representing the number of Fed Resrv Bank regions. If a member makes a total withdrawal at any time, they are out and cannot return, until they make it up. Members will be encouraged to use their individual asset values for purchases of appreciable assets only, or as collateral against a college loan. Members must elect paid executives to run the coop. Executive candidates must be recruited from a pool of MBA and PhD students ( an even mix of both ) of HBCU colleges and universities.

Reparations Watch

  • March 26, 2002 - DEADRIA FARMER-PAELLMANN files class action suit (PDF) demand for jury trial and judgment and damages against the named Defendants FLEETBOSTON FINANCIAL CORPORATION, AETNA: INC., CSX, and names Yale and Brown Universities on behalf of herself and African-American slave descendents.

  • June 20, 2018 - City of Charleston, South Carolina approves slavery apology resolution by voice vote. The filing denounces slavery, promises tolerance in the future and proposes an office of racial reconciliation.

  • April 2019 - Georgetown University students vote to pay reparations. In 1634, Jesuits founded the university and eventually held 272 slaves. View their Slavery Working Group report.

  • June 20, 2019 - Gov. Gavin Newsom of California issues formal apology to Native Americans for historical role in repression and violence.


Black organizers formed a broad coalition of support to get their name change proposition on the ballot before voters. The result is YES. When all the votes that mattered were counted, "YES" voters outnumbered the "NOs" by a wide margin. Voters said yes to changing the name of Dudley Square to Nubian Square.

Dudley Square is in Roxbury, Boston's oldest city and the heart of African American culture and heritage in Massachusetts. Sadiki Kambon established the name change movement as a point-of-difference guiding the predominantly African-American Roxbury neighborhood towards ownership of its unique cultural heritage. Mr. Kambon has successfully put the "MLK Boulevard" name on street signs and is also campaigning to remove the President of Roxbury Community College.

Just one Vote Elected her

The Board of Election has named Julia Mejia the winner by one vote for the Boston City Council At-Large seat over Alejandra St. Guillen. The other three at-large councillors for 2020 will be incumbents Michelle Wu, Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi George.

The district city councillors will be Ricardo Arroyo (new), outgoing council president Andrea Campbell returns; Kim Janey of the Roxbury District was re-elected, Priscilla Kenzie Bok will be seated, and Liz Breadon won. Returning councillors are Lydia Edwards, Edward Flynn, Frank Baker, and Matt O-Malley.

Why the Boston Police are out of favor with Councillor WU

"We need to abolish the BPDA; we need to move away from a system of development where the process is based on special approvals and exceptions and one-off negotiations and instead empower communities to be part of planning a city that is actually livable for everyone," she said.
Boston City Councilwoman at-large, Michelle Wu

The 54-page plan to Abolish the BPDA.

# # #


FEB 2019

President's seat waits for a female this year

Senator Elizabeth Warrren pushed back on the rigged system that pits the rich against lower paid Americans. Blacks and progressives are fresh from disappointing losses by the Gillian and Abrahms Governor's races. Deval Patrick dodged the bullet early. Holder may still be deciding. Oprah won't run. Michelle Obama shouldn't. It is too early.

Here's where to get political consultants in Boston

Touch base with the Mass Alliance organization for an info gathering session with seasoned political consultants who do campaigns for candidates of color. At learn more (617) 722-4320.

Boston's Black-elected officials today

Liz Miranda, State Rep Suffolk 5th district
Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County District Attorney

Ayanni Pressley's Freeway Bulletin Board

Freeway votes for Ayanna

People of color in power at City Hall

Michelle Wu

Boston City Councillor

Boston African American City Councilors
- Kim Janey
- Lydia Edwards

The town of Framingham elected their first African American female mayor. Newton's Setti Warren was the first male Black mayor. The Town of Randolph, a cousin to Black Boston where more Black people live per capita than in any other city/town in Massachusetts, has elected three Black town councillors. Councillor Natascha Clerger won recently. She will join incumbments Ken Clifford and Katrina Shaw and they will govern an almost all-black elected school committee.

The RoxVOTE Coalition organizes enthusiastic voter information activities. For campaign event updates, visit the RoxVote web site.

The Boston Police Department Elects a Black Man to Run it.

July 23, 2018 as the full moon was rising, Boston named its first Black Police Commissoner ever since the city received a charter in 1630. Thank you Sadiki Kambon, all community activists, The Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights, The Blackstonian, MAMLEO and Boston Praise Radio, the Boston Globe and countless others for insisting the mayor's administration share its formidable power with people of color at City Hall. William Gross, the new interim Commissioner takes full charge on August 4th. The Police Commissioner is the Executive Head of the Department and is responsible for the management, planning, direction and control of the Department. Thank you Mayor Walsh. You promised this!

There will be Black community pressure to have the BPD reorganized.

click to view full size chart
Boston Police Department Organization Chart

The Offices and Bureaus which report directly to the Police Commissioner are: the Office of the Superintendent-in-Chief, the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Bureau of Professional Standards, the Bureau of Public Information the Office of Administrative Hearings, the Office of the Legal Advisor and the Office of Labor Relations.

The York Times headlined the matter with the article and title "White Americans Gain the Most From Trump’s Tax Cuts, a Report Finds." "Congress sqaundered an opportunity with the $1.9 Trillion Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) to help low-income and middle-class families—particularly those of color—build the wealth needed to secure their share of the American Dream ..." according to the analysis by - view full report, learn more.

Black Boston Politics Archive

Black women elected to office in Massachusetts

Black women elected to office in Massachusetts for the next years

Racism in Boston Attitudes

Dec 16th at 9am, North Eastern University. The Boston Communities United organization (BCU) and the New Democracy Coalition (NDC) held a press conference in front of the entrance to the mayor's office second public forum and race dialogue at Blackman Auditorium. The group pushed forward a Ten Demandment Agenda and called for the renaming of Dudley Square and Fanueil Hall town square and buildings to remove the slave owner names.

"Racism is implicit in our culture," said the City of Boston Chief Resilience Officer who resigned from the position days after this event was held. With a responsibility to improve Boston's racist image, an observer quipped "but, she had no budget."

four blacks and two women of color are elected to the new 2018 Boston City Council

Boston Multicultural Politics Today

Women in power on the 2016 Boston City Council.

Female Boston City Councilors

Black and Latino Legislators in Massachusetts 2017

The Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus shall define, highlight and analyze those issues and concerns affecting people of color in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Web site | ph: Phone: 617-722-2688

Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus

Tito Jackson bounced from Mayor's race

Former Boston city councillor Tito Jackson received 10s of thousands of votes from Blacks and other voters but he was handily defeated in his own city council district by his opponent in the 2017 Boston mayor's race when he was defeated him by a wide margin. Black political activists were pleased to see the 30,000+ plus votes for Jackson. In late 2017 they said that was something to work with as future candidates hit the political road, because black Boston voters are known to not vote on election day, they say. In recent media it was mentioned that Mr. Jackson joined a cannabis industry company as an executive after leaving the council.

Nov 5th, '17 Blacks are leading the races for Boston City Council and Mayor of Framingham

Congratulations Candidates! You are taking it all the way up to the victor's throne. Blacks are blazing campaign trails with clarity, purpose and comprehension of the issues people with no political power go to bed thinking about. Its happening in Randolph, Framingham, East Boston and Roxbury. By their upbringing, their will power, their determination and purpose, they run. We wish you all the very best.

We should all VOTE November 7th and help these candidates make political history again.

Black Boston Colors"Black Boston - through its 351 years, Roxbury has been a hunting and farming area, site of working estates and governor's residences and home to a series of immigrants and ethnic communities, It is now the Center of Boston's Black community which can trace its roots in Boston to Revolutionary times and before." ( a direct quote from the 1982 Roxbury Survey Bulletin )

(September 26, 2017) - Roxbury's City Councillor Tito Jackson advances in mayoral race to the final runoff against the incumbent Mayor Marty Walsh. Also around the Black Boston politics circuit, Lydia Edwards and Kim Janey advance to final runoffs for Boston City Council seats. If both are successful, there would be 6 female councillors governing the city

The First African American Governor of Massachusetts

Deval Patrick won the governor's race in 2006 and took power in 2007. In the beginning of the campaign, Kahil Byrd drove the campaign startup cycle. When asked why Patrick was running, Patrick said "I had heard countless others tell me I should run because I can make a difference." The impact of Mr. Patrick's contribution to Black Boston and Massachusetts state is a history that has been recorded. Governor Patrick's term ended January 2014. He was the first African American governor of Massachusetts. After leaving office Mr. Patrick became the first black partner at Bain Capital, Inc. Headquartered in Boston, Bain is an international consulting and equities investment firm cofounded by former presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Listen to Governor Patrick's 2010 English High School kickoff re-election speech audio recorded exclusively by It opens on the song "Baby You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," by 80's pot head band favorite "Bachman Turner Overdrive" and includes a shoutout to Congressmen Capuano.

Black Ministers their churches and the elections

Boston Black clergy walks a thin line before the public on election day. It is not known what white pastors and ministers are telling their followers about politics, but Black ministers make sure the public knows they are NOT publicly endorsing a candidate in today's election (its the IRS rules thing about non-profit status.) These ministers are speaking one thing certain. They're saying that today is your date to vote. They're saying if you do not vote and come to them with a problem, they cannot help you at City Hall because if you don't vote you don't count at City Hall. Black church leaders want you to vote. They've been working on this message all the way up to election day. If Blacks who listen to them fail to exercise their right to vote today, Black ministers will be disappointed.

Political Decisions Matter

The Vietnam War and the invasion of Iraq clearly show how negative outcomes are created by political leaders who make bad decisions. For Blacks, this is nothing new. Official Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policy for 20th century housing markets threw Blacks into housing projects, behind red-lined boundaries, and made it impossible for white real estate agents to sell houses to Black people where they wanted to live. The practice went on into the 70's. HUD created the Black Ghetto.

MBE Minority Enterprise business numbers produced by political policy implementations

Follow the Money and view Massachusetts MBE revenue figures.

view - Boston Demographic Reports by neighborhood ( previous years )

stay connected

Diversity in Government at City Hall

Positions are changing and this information may be outdated. The City of Boston's Chief Diversity Officer is Daniels Tavares, a native of Praia, Cabo Verde. The Boston mayor appointed his election opponent John Barros Chief of the Office of Economic Development. Together they successfully lobbied General Electric to move its HQ to Boston. Lead directors in the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) are women of color. Jamie R. Williamson is the Chairwoman and Charlotte Golar Richie is Commissioner. Denise Simmons is the current African American mayor of the City of Cambridge.


(June 24, 2016) - The panel of Kevin Peterson, political activist and radio producer, Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell, Bob Marshall of the Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts, and Darnell William, President of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts discussed racism issues inside Boston Latin School and around the Boston Public School system on Kevin's weekly Politics and Grits radio show airing online and on Boston Praise Radio TV at WRCA 1330 AM and WBPG-LP 102.9 FM.

Press Play, move playhead forward to 02:00 for the Boston Latin segment.


(March 2016) - The Boston NAACP, the Urban League of Eastern Mass and local civil rights protectors have effectively used public advocacy and political pressure on behalf of #BlackatBLS Black Students at Boston Latin School protesters. Using social media, black student leaders made the case that the principal of the school left them less than satisfied when they brought complaints about racist activity in the school to her.

The result: The Carmen Ortiz Office of US Attorney in Boston announced a civil rights investigation about the incidents. You can learn about this epic situation in news story.


Boston Latin School Black Student Protesters Receive Boston City Council Awards

@BOSCityCouncil shows support, awards official City of Boston resolution to #BlackAtBls Boston Latin school student protest group provided by @titojackson @AyannaPressley @CampbellforD4.
BLS Black Student Protest Leader offical recognition

The Official #BlackATBls Resolution provided by City of Boston

Black Boston Politicians who served on the Boston City Council

September 9, 2015 - Incumbent District Four Boston City Councilor Charles Yancey lost the preliminary election once in 32 years according to one source, to first time candidate Andrea Campbell.

Boston Banner Bay State Banner newspaper political opinions.

Dorchester Reporter newspaper elections report

General Electric wins outsized concessions, showcases an online African American issues forum

There are two reasons corporate America embraces diversity. Government policy demands it. And the marketplace demands it. Customers feel more comfortable when buying from someone that looks like them. So marketing is political - a control mechanism.

Boston's newest global corporate citizen (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company. They have a thing going on for African American engagement and they describe it this way: The GE African American Forum (AAF) mission is to strengthen African American employees at GE through professional development, career management, and mentoring that will enable retention and growth. The forum also works to strengthen the bonds between GE and its local African American communities."

Black Lives Matter

photo by Amber Rose Johnson (FB)
Black Lives Matter photo by Amber Rose Johnson

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke about Black Lives Matter,
the movement, race and inequality at the Edward Kennedy Institute on 9/27/2015.

scroll forward, her speech starts at 12:50

Senator Warren and Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland have organized a Multi-Racial Coalition agenda in Washington DC to enact legislation because of the Black Lives Matter movement.

African American Women US Senators Few in Number

The cold record breaking historic Boston snowfall couldn't keep Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley from winning the EMILY'S LIST Rising Star award earlier this year. EMILY’s List three million members strong have willed the elections of 19 Democratic African American women currently serving in the US Congress and takes credit for having elected every Democratic Congresswoman currently serving. But there hasn't been an an African American woman Senator in 16 years, and there has never been an African American woman governor elected yet. African American women still face social, political, and cultural barriers that keep them from running for office.

January 21, 2015 - STATEHOUSE UPDATE:

The big bosses of the 2015 Masschusetts General Court are now seated. Under them, African American Massachusetts Senator Linda Dorcena Forry has the chair to run the Joint Committee on Housing and the Special Senate Committee on Housing, tasked with examining housing policy and increasing access to low-and moderate-income housing options. This is soooo important!!!

Senator Dorcena Forry held union job fair
Last year, Forry held a UNION APPRENTICE OPEN HOUSE with the New England Council of Carpenters 1-800-275-6200. The job fair connected individuals from underrepresented communities to sign-up, join the trades and access lucrative wages and benefits.

Niagara Movement (1905-1909)

The NAACP celebrated 100 years in Boston in 2007 and we want you to have a souvenir keepsake you can download here.

It has rare photos and NAACP movement history.

The Niagara Movement 1905-1909, established the modern civil rights movement and led to the founding of the NAACP. The third of its five meetings and the largest was held in Boston in Faneuil Hall in 1907. The movement’s membership, led by W.E.B. Du Bois, was made up of some the most accomplished African American businessmen, teachers and clergy of the day. It was intended to counteract the inequity and the social and political ills impacting African Americans at the time. The late 1800s saw the demise of the Reconstruction Period. In 1896 the Supreme Court Decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson created government approved segregation.

Boston NAACP phone number (617)427-9494.

BCIC Boston's Black Community Information Center |

Current Press Releases from Boston City Hall - current copy

Directory - of all Boston City Councilors

Job Description for a Massachusetts Governor

The Governor is head of the executive branch and serves as chief administrative officer of the state and as commander-in-chief of the Massachusetts' military forces. His or her responsibilities include preparation of the annual budget, nomination of all judicial officers, the granting of pardons (with the approval of the governor's Council), appointments of the heads of most major state departments, and the acceptance or veto of each bill passed by the Legislature.

Several Executive Offices have also been established, each headed by a Secretary appointed by the Governor, much like the president's Cabinet.

Source: Citizens Information Service

The Governor may recommend new policies for Massachusetts, new legislation, and changes in the administration of departments that conduct the government from day to day. He or she has the power to order out the National Guard to meet domestic emergencies, and is Massachusetts chief spokesman with the federal government.

500 reasons for Mass Governor-Elect Baker to hire people of color in his administration

The Diversity in Transition Resume Database was put together before the new Governor took office to help his administration find and recruit qualified people of color by the Diversity in Transition Committee. It held 440 resumes at one point. Visit them at -- >
posted (November 2, 2014 in Boston, MA)

John Barros Boston Economic Development Chief

Boston's Economic Development Cabinet Position was filled by John Barros

February 10, 2014 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the appointment of John Barros as Chief of his Economic Development Cabinet.

In his role, Barros is charged with fostering economic development in all of Boston's neighborhoods through marketing Boston on a national and international scale; ensuring access to employment, pathways to careers, and strong job growth; streamlining licensing and permitting processes; and supporting small businesses, particularly women- and minority-owned businesses.

Barros now commands control of the aggressive Boston Redevelopment Authority. In college, he studied Economics and African/African-Studies and recently was at the helm of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and has served as a member of the Boston Public Schools Committee. Mr. Barros helped underwrite initial public offerings for dot-com startups when he worked for the Chubb companies. Barros was an opponent of the mayor in the 2013 race for Boston mayor and had received the endorsement of the Boston Globe newspaper.

The City of Boston corporate structure now consist of 12 cabinets which are: Arts & Culture; Chief of Staff; Economic Development; Education; Environment, Energy & Open Space; Finance & Budget; Health & Human Services; Housing & Neighborhood Development; Information & Technology; Operations & Administration; Public Safety; and Streets, Transportation & Sanitation. The leadership team will also include, ex officio, the Corporation Counsel, Chief of Policy, and Chief Communications Officer.

John's Economic Development cabinet position is a new position described by Mayor Walsh as the first step in a broad effort to streamline and support the areas of focus that contribute to Boston’s economy, including tourism, jobs and employment, businesses development, and real estate development. The new mayor emphasizes the need for increased transparency and accessibility for all Bostonians – especially women- and minority-owned businesses, and local businesses – to share in and benefit from the economic boom in Boston.

Download our open data brief filed September 20, 2013 about the weak black vote during Boston's mayoral race.

Black Boston elects new mayor in 2014

    Boston Globe photo credit from Google search

(Jan 2, 2014) - It is not difficult to see how this came to be.

WALSH won the popular vote in the 2013 Boston mayor's race. He got Black, Latino and Hispanic voters in his column by negotiating places in his administration for competitors Barros and Arroyo after polling data revealed they could not win the race themselves. Barros was endorsed by the Boston Globe.

With those moves, Dorchester Savin Hill candidate Marty Walsh took the person of color block vote away from West Roxbury challenger John Connolly in the final election. Notable Black Boston leaders supporting Connolly were Touch FM radio station co-owner Charles Clemmons, Minister Don Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Sister Virgina Morrison of the Grove Hall Neighborhood Development Corporation.

Take a look at everyone in the photo above. Mayor Walsh is the fellow 2nd from the right and his opponents are there with him. They joined his transition team and some may work in his new administration. Boston, its going to work out. We will see.

Happy New Year Charlotte Golar Richie. Best also to Mr. Barros and Mr. Arroyo. May the force be with you all. Bostonians are going to need it. You all left a lot of engaged citizens waiting in anticipation for the fresh start - the new ONE BOSTON, if it can ever be JUST 1.

They will be peering through microscopic glasses at you, watching what you do. Transparency was part of your promise, now allow it to become part of your everyday plans. We know its incredibly hard to administer a democracy. But, there will be expectations that you'll do better for the 99% than the last guy did!

Mayor-elect Walsh won Black Boston precincts in 2014

November 6th - Voters in the Grove Hall neighborhood chose Marty Walsh over John Connolly even though black community leaders representing the Grove Hall Development Corporation, the Nation of Islam and black-owned Touch106FM radio, the fabric of the black community, had invested their public support and credentials behind the other candidate. developing

Minority Business Policy

( During Race for Mayor ) Martin Walsh and John Connolly swear they'll do more for minority businesses than has ever been done if elected Mayor of Boston.

The "Urgent Need for Massachusetts: Growing minority-owned businesses" disparity study by Boston Consulting Group and Blue Cross Blue Shield took a stab at the issue ten years ago. Time will tell if a new Boston mayor will positively impact businesses owned by people of color.

Black endorsements for Boston Mayor

(Nov 1, 2013 Boston) - John Connolly endorsed by Charles Clemmons, an African American former Boston mayoral candidate and current radio station co-owner of Touch 106.1FM branded the fabric of the Black Community with an estimated 190,000 listeners in Black Boston.

the original Franklin Park gateway( October 2013 ) - Black Boston political leaders, Black ministers and a tiny number of well-known black business leaders have spread their mayoral endorsements carefully across the Boston mayor's race spectrum. Bay State Banner Newspaper royalty - Boston's premiere African American community newspaper, has endorsed John Connolly for Mayor as did prominent black business leader Clayton Turnbull. An endorsement for John Connolly flowed from a congregation of well-known black ministers including the Rev. Bruce Wall of Global Ministries.

Martin Walsh got the most endorsements from Boston political leaders of color. Endorsing were the first elected Latino Massachusetts State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, Black Legislative Caucus leaders Rep. Carlos Henriquez and Rep. Gloria Fox; Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo, DSNI Executive and former candidate John Barros of Cape Verde, and countless others in the progressive community. Former mayoral candidate Charlotte Golar Richie (CGR) who place third behind Walsh and Connolly endorsed Martin Walsh too.

( 2013) - Only 13% of registered voters in Boston's 65 majority-black voter districts voted in the recent mayoral preliminary. This low voter turnout caused candidates of color to lose their best chance in 30 years to become Mayor of Boston. Of Boston's 600,000 residents, more than 50% are people of color and the governor of Massachusetts is African-American.

(after the election SCRUM on Mayor's Preliminary Race 2013 ) Reducing Political Failure to Clarity
Appearing in this video story are WGBH News senior reporter Phillip Martin, Ken Cooper, the editor of UMass Boston's Trotter Review, and Dr. Peniel Joseph, the Tuft University professor of African-American studies.

ONE REASON - "Boston, in terms of the way local, municipal politics have played out historically, they're in a different position now," Joseph said of the candidates of color. "It's a majority-minority city, but there's no power broker or community organization that could winnow these candidates out before they ran."

September 24th, Charlotte Golar Richie lands in 3rd place. First and second place winners Marty Walsh and John Connally advance to Nov final mayoral election.

In this audio file, Richie discusses poll results before the election and her thoughts about candidate John Barros receiving the Boston Globe newspaper endorsement.

press PLAY or right-click to download the MP3

Copyright 2013, Boston Herald Radio

*ENDORSED BY THE BOSTON GLOBECongrats to John Barros and his family's newest baby! Mr. Barros has offered compelling reasons to elect him mayor of Boston. He's a grad of Dartmouth College and a candidate for a Masters in Public Policy from Tufts University and has been the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Inc. Executive Director where over 200 permanent affordable homes were added to the city's housing stock.

Charlotte Golar Richie has opened six new offices in Boston Mayoral districts for campaign outreach and communications.

The Freedom House explains why it did not permit the Candidates of Color forum for Boston mayor to be held on its property.

Press the play button to hear Freedom House CEO Katrina Shaw on Touch 106.1 FM radio.

Right click to "Save Audio As" MP3.

(file size: 25mb. Copyright 2013, Touch 106.1 FM)

Access the election department for voter statistics, voting procedures and forms.

Besides improving the city’s image, electing a mayor of color would represent an important step toward healing the lingering wounds of the busing crisis. Power dynamics would change, too. City employees, already from all races and ethnicties, would work under a chief executive of color for the first time, which in turn could embolden more people of color to run for office, building a pipeline" ... wrote Ken Cooper in the article "Why Boston Needs a Mayor of Color," (Boston Globe, August 18th).

Jamarhl Crawford enters race for Roxbury District Seven. Its Crawford vs Tito Jackson time! Boston City Council District Seven covers Roxbury and Black Boston. Crawford launched his write-in campaign effort after depositing funds with the state office of political finance and campaigns. He's an activist, author and publisher of the BlackStonian web site.

Linda Dorcena Forry photoHere is the new state Senator Linda Dorcena Forry. She won! Her First Suffolk Senate district covers South Boston. It had historically been the seat that propeled Irish-American men from South Boston to powerful leadership positions in the Massachusetts General Court.

Congratulate Linda Dorcena Forry, the first Haitian-American to serve in the Massachusetts state Senate and the first woman to represent the district.

Follow this link to connect with the eleven members of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.

Jose Maria Pereira Neves, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde was in town March 31st and received a commendation from Boston City Councillor Charles C. Yancey at the Dorchester House. Elected President of the “Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo Verde (PAICV), Neves was cited for his leadership and for steering his country through the financial crisis.

We participated in the first African American Computer Culture Symposium in 1994. It was promptly branded an interactive Niagra Movement when the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and American Visions magazine convened black people from across America to plan for their cyber-connected future.

A hearing about City of Boston minority staff hiring and its vendor contract practices was convened by Councilor Yancey. It is his position that Boston simply isn't hiring enough black people and minorities in key positions to run the government. Minority-owned business contract vendors feel that improvements can be made in their sector. Meanwhile, the Mass Convention Authority seeks proposals to build new hotels on Boston Harbor.

investment in Black BostonROXBURY DISTRICT COUNCILLOR Tito Jackson, appeared with Outreach Director for the Warren Campaign, Steve Tomkins on CityLine5's post-election special public affairs tv show, along with Latino organizer Oiste to discuss local grassroots campaign efforts and their impact on pushing Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama into elected office.

He cited the work that was being done block by block long before the election was held and praised Elizabeth Warren for being focused on issues such as foreclosure, hiring local campaign workers and making numerous appearances in Black Boston. Catch another side of the story in a live stream from Basic Black on GBH2.

Nationally, the NAACP stated it registered 432,000 voters and moved 1.2 million to the polls for the 2012 Presidential Election said Ben Jealous, President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. His organization purchased a database of voters in all 50 states and went to work on it. In The Root article titled "Ben Jealous, Elections's Unsung Hero." Now, the four things the NAACP wants from OBAMA are: job creation, mass incarceration, child education and health care protections.

On November 2, 2012 the majority of Boston City Councillors approved a new redistricting map required by Census results that will remove people of color from some voting districts and place them in others.

Black councillors Tito Jackson and Ayanna Pressley along with Latino councillor Felix Arroyo were part of the 11-2 decisive vote. Councilor Charles Yancey, who has held elected office longer than any of his African-American colleagues, voted no and said "The new map fails to create a fifth District of Color in the City of Boston."
read more ...

June 16, 2012 - The Supreme Judicial Court has sided with Chuck Turner when it ruled that the Boston City Council removed Councilor Turner from office illegally.

The new SJC decision could entitle Turner to back pay. "It’s a moral and legal victory," said Turner’s lawyer, Chester A. Darling, who added, "Whenever a government abuses its authority, someone should push back." When the council convened to vote, Councilor Charles Yancey was the only one who went against the council's wishes when it moved to remove Turner from office by an 11-1 vote. Turner left City Hall the next day. The full story is available in the Boston Globe Newspaper.

Byron Rushing is a ranking leader for the 187th General Court of the Commonwealth of MassachusettsOnly one legislator of color was holding a leadership position in the Massachusetts Congress in 2015-2018. His name is Byron Rushing (in the photo). He has been appointed Assistant Majority Leader by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. More info is available on the Massachusetts Legislature leadership page. He is a presistent community leader and black history expert.

Black Boston politics on TVBasic Black on channel WGBH 2 is a Boston gem.

The television show is broadcast on air while viewers can interact with show panelist online. The Basic Black series covers issues affecting the black community.

View Basic Black episodes online. All previous shows can be viewed in their entirety. Programs air Friday night at 7:30 p.m. Eastern on PBS 2 and affiliated networks. Featured panelists are: Latoyia Edwards, NECN anchor; Phillip Martin, 89.7 WGBH Senior Investigative Reporter; the host is Callie Crossley and Kim McLaurin, author and adjunct professor at Emerson College appears on the show with special guests.

REMEMBERING NOV 3, 2009 night of - the nerve of Boston's intellectual elite was captured that year, when editorial page authors of neighborhood-focused newspapers advised readers to VOTE for two African Americans, and one Latino candidate for three of four possible Boston City Council at-large open seats. Elections are over, and the winners have emerged. An African-American woman won an at-large seat on the Boston City Council for the first time ever. Close by in Newton, Massachusetts an African American male was elected Mayor - the first popular-elected black mayor in Massachusetts history!

not just another american flag
Courtesy of the National Museum of American History

Smithsonian photographers created this composite image of the Star-Spangled Banner in 2004 from 73 separate photographs. The flag's large size (30-by-34 feet) prevented photographers from capturing it in one image while conservators worked on it in the specially-built conservation lab.

Boston's First black city council presidentBruce Bolling, (April 29, 1945 – September 11, 2012) was a politician and businessman in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as the first black president of the Boston City Council in the mid-1980s.

Bolling served as a racial healer in the aftermath of Boston’s busing crisis in the 1970s. He was instrumental in urging for calm during the Charles Stuart case in which a white man sought to blame the murder of his wife and son on a fictional black man in Roxbury. The case caused a national racial uproar and led to police and community tensions that remain until today. As a city councilor, Bolling opposed efforts by some radicals in the black community to create a separate city called Mandela which would have led to so-called minority neighborhoods succeeding from Boston based upon perceived racial bias.- source:Boston Banner newspaper

first black female sheriff Massachusetts BostonAndrea J. Cabral, J.D. is the current Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety and was named to the post by Governor Deval Patrick the 12th of December, 2012. She took office in 2013 after resigning her rein as the first black female Sheriff in Massachusetts over the Suffolk County jurisdiction. She was appointed to the sheriff's position in 2002 by former Governor Jane Swift, elected to a full term in 2004 and re-elected in 2010.

In 2010, Sheriff Cabral was appointed to the Science Advisory Board (SAB) by United States Attorney General Eric Holder. The SAB is comprised of 18 experts - scholars and practitioners in criminology, statistics, sociology, criminal justice and juvenile justice - and was created by the DOJ's Office of Justice Programs to help bridge the divide between research and practice in the criminal justice fields. Sheriff Cabral is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School.

keep digging. a democracy is a hard thing to administerWe witnessed Ted Kennedy's last motorcade pass down Atlantic Ave turning the corner just before Commercial Street. This funeral procession was a huge affair turning out just as many people to the Faneuil Hall area as a 4th fireworks display. The first company I bootstrapped was located on that corner. It was familiar ground. I watched the funeral procession approach my corner. A retired Italian standing close said to me "Ted was a good man ... if it were not for him, I would not have been able to own a downtown parking lot. I made a fortune and I will miss that guy."

Union workers lined the streets holding signs in solitude to the Kennedy family's passing funeral motorcade. On August 27th at 4:15 p.m., it was rolling along The Big Dig. It went parallel to the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway where Ted's personal investment bootstrapped the construction of downtown greenway parks.

Black Boston Politics is right hereIn 1974, Bill Owens became the first African-American elected to the Massachusetts state Senate. Dianne Wilkerson was the first African American woman elected to the Massachusetts Senate. Running on the Democratic party ticket, she took office in 1993 and lost the 2008 Primary election by a bit over 200 votes to challenger Sonia Chang-Diaz.

The Honorable Edward Brooke, was the first African American to be elected by popular vote to the United States Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966. In 1866, the first African-American legislators in New England were elected.

Ralph Martin was the first African-American elected (1992 to 2002) Suffolk County (Boston) district attorney while Andrea J. Cabral was elected in 2004 when she became the first Black female Sheriff of Suffolk County.

There are three African American Boston City Councilors currently in office. Charles Yancey represents Mattapan (zip code 02126) and parts of Dorchester (zip codes 02120-02125), Ayanna Pressley is a city-wide councilor at-large and Tito Jackson represents Roxbury (zip code 02119).

Updates about the first Massachusetts African American politicians in Massachusetts are available.

We recommend The Boston Banner newspaper archives where the oldest black media source stores news and information going way back. The Massachusetts Black Legislative Caucus is another source of information.

A HISTORY SHORT ABOUT BOSTON BLACK POLITICS: Ward 9 was home to Laurence Banks, Boston’s first black city councilor. Shag Taylor's drugstore on Tremont Street was the headquarters of Democratic politics in the black community going back to the days of Mayor James Michael Curley, noted the Banner archives.

Ayanna Pressley leads

Pressley represents the Massachusetts 7th Congressional District which includes areas encompassing Harvard Square, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Univ, MIT, Northeastern Univ, The Town of Randolph, Black Boston and a broad geographic area with a majority minority voters. Approximately 100,000 turned out to the past election.

Congresswoman Pressley. Play movie

a church turned library in Provincetown

there is no end to intellectual understanding

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the first African American woman elected from Massachusetts

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