Black art tours are available for Boston and New York.

Black Models in Art Musee Orsay exhibition
Black Models exhibition at the Musee d'Orsay closed July 21. Our Black Paris tour partner remarked "it feels as if Paris has lost some of its soul, now that the exhibition has closed.

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About Nantuck Island

Nantucket is located 26 miles from Cape Cod’s mainland port of Hyannis. Take a leisurely 2 hour and 15 minute voyage on our traditional ferries from Hyannis to Nantucket. Or ride in style and luxury on-board our seasonal high-speed passenger-only ferry, the M/V Iyanough, which gets you to Nantucket in just one hour.

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Tour Barbados

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Barbados opened its doors to luxury high-rises in the Seaport this year. came to Boston to tell us about their destinations.

The first documented West Indians in New England were slaves from Barbados. European slavers bought captured Africans and took them to Barbados in the British West Indies to work on ever-larger sugar plantations. Enslaved Afro-Caribbeans first came to Massachusetts in 1638 and to Connecticut in 1639. On the eve of the American Revolution, Massachusetts and Connecticut each had about 5,000 black people living within their borders. Most had lived in or were born in the Caribbean.

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Paris tours

  • We stayed 3 days on our first trip, London kept us 3 more days.
  • for a Black Paris Tour recommendation just ask !
  • London's Thameslink Hempstead marketplace is a must visit

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We offer Boston Black Heritage and history tours

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BOSTON Black Heritage Tours Getaways is Boston's only Black Tour Marketplace, offering variety and exploration.

Our DELUXE BLACK BOSTON TOUR covers 400 years of Black Boston history in full-day or half-day packages. If you hotels and in town and close the Back Bay, we can meet you to start the hotel residents have Black Boston Sprinter Tour(3hrs) $45pp..
There are 100s of historically significant African American heritage sites.

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Roxbury Trolley Bus Tour

Roxbury's African American contribution to Boston is special.

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