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Have you ever been traveling when you get the urge to want the sweet, soothing sound of black gospel music in a black church? The desire for it has tourists from Ireland asking us where are the Black Boston churches with the good music. Hundreds of thousands of African Americans visit Massachusetts every year and some have contacted us asking where are the Black churches in Boston.

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Twelfth Baptist Church of Remembers MLK 2019. Play video. Filmed Jan 13, 2019, Roxbury Ma.


The Twelfth Baptist Church of Boston was the Home Church of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He could walk there from the New England Conservatory of Music where Coretta was studying, its not far away from Huntington Avenue. I don't know if he ever made the journey there on feet, but he was a walker! KING BOSTON at, the organization funding the $5M Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King memorial installation on Boston Common, has also allocated $1M to community programs at the 12th for teaching folks how to leverage Dr. King's example in the modern age of Trump.

African Meeting House Beacon Hill SignYou can bet Boston has what you need spirtuality, no matter what faith you worship. The city was founded by adventurous Puritans driven by the purest quality of an imaginary religious freedom.

While Dr. Martin Luther King is the unquestionable 20th century reference point for the breakthrough for African America's civil rights restoration, Boston has been the religious reference point for the states, perhaps. Those truth seekers from Boston Lincolnshire England set out in the 1600's and came over here more religious than ever. Black Boston boasts of having the first church contructed by African Americans in 1805 and it is active today on Beacon Hill.

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But to hear that good ole gospel and down home preaching you have to go to the hood or the suburban towns of Milton, Randolph, Stoughton because some black churches moved out of the city or closed down when they lost property to gentrification.

Black Boston's Blue Hill Avenue and Washington Street's Codman Square area is dotted with small, tinyu, fiercely independent black church congregations. They co-exist with the largest Black churches in New England on or near those streets. And there are many prominent churches located in Harvard Square, Copley Square and the Park Street areas who have distinctive black leaders overseeing multi-colored congregations.

The first black Baptist congregation in North America was organized 1788 in Savannah, Georgia. This claim of "first" is contested by the First Baptist Church of Petersburg, Virginia.

Oldest Black Church in Boston

Richard Allen Founder of the A.M.E. Black churchRICHARD ALLEN, Philadelphia founder of the 1st Black A.M.E. church in photo.) The African Meeting House was built in 1806 to house the first African Baptist Church of Boston (a.k.a. First Independent Baptist Church) and it is now the oldest extant black church building in America. Moreover, this was the first African American Baptist church created north of the Mason Dixon Line. The church was organized primarily by and for black Bostonians, but not without cooperation and assistance from Boston’s white Baptist churches the National Park Service explains because the building is a National Historic Landmark. web site. The MAAH was fully restored to its 1855 appearance and recently re-opened as a national treasure.

Things to do there: No Sunday service is offered but the facility is host to event all year long. It is an anchor to the Museum of African American History, it is hosts to touring school groups studying Bostonm history, the Meeting House holds music concerts with classical and contemporary orchestra; it has been the site of weddings, receptions and visits by dignataries, there are lecturers, presentations, and panel discussions about a number of subjects at the Meeting House.

Black Boston Church Radio Boston

Here are a few broadcasting live on the internet and on air. Boston Praise Radio and TV, Reverend Bruce Wall of Global Ministries - Boston Praise Radio TV. - is an online directory of African American and Haitian churches and their events. Jubilee Christian Church Boston is the largest Black church in Boston with multiple locations -

Church or Pastor Profiles

Black churches are invited to send a photo with a short 15 word description about your church or the photo and it may be posted here. Send it to e-mail: Thank you.
The Religious Portrait of African Americans

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The First Black Church in the United States

African Methodist Episcopal church is my home churchThe Rev. Richard Allen is credited with founding the African Methodist Episcopal Church known today as Mother Emanuel A.M.E. of Phildelphia and Charleston South Carolina. Both are very active churches today offering regular Sunday service, Internet broadcast service on Sundays and they are pillars of the black church world.

Today, there are thousands of A.M.E. churches all over the world. Closer to home in Boston, St. Paul A.M.E of Jamaica Plain and Bipshop Allen Drive in Cambridge are two well known. Charles Street A.M.E. on Warren Street in Black Boston is located in the Grove Hall section. The head of the A.M.E. church organization is at MOTHER EMANUEL in Philadelphia. There is an impressive museum of African American church history and its leadership. Every single bishop since Dr. Allen founded the church is profiled in the museum. Ministers (Bishops) are dispatches to A.M.E. churches located around the world from Mother Emanuel headquarters.

The A.M.E. Church is different than the A.M.E. Zion Church.

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion headquarters church is located in Brooklyn New York. It is a majestic building. The worldwide members of the A.M.E. church is larger than the A.M.E. Zion church. Pleasant Ridge A.M.E. Zion ( African Methodist Episcopal ) is my family church, thanks to my mom. Why she chose to go there when I was a baby rather to go to one closer to the house name High Springs Baptist church, I will never know, but it is a find choice and my immediate siblings belong to it and are active there today. One sister and her husband founded a church in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and its growing.

Black Ministers and the Emancipation Proclamation

It was Black Ministers who were meeting with President Abraham Lincoln about what to do about "free slaves." And, they engineered the thinking behind the document commonly known as the Emancipation Proclamation. It was their idea that became Lincoln's legacy. Masses of black people gathered in South Carolina assuming they were to receive 40 acres and a mule. New England abolitionists staffed the project with teachers. Later, the African American AME Zion church was born up north. And the rest is history..
a church turned library in Provincetown

Religious Groups in Greater Boston

World Religionsin Boston

World religions in Greater Boston are: Afro-Caribbean, Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native, Paganism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and others.
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One of the designers was responsible for designing the amazing Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the Mall in Washington DC.
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The Religious Portrait of African Americans

Boston Black Church
and faith-based referrals

Union United Methodist church is a historical black church in Boston's South End. Last time I attended UU, Jesse Jackson was in town campaigning and stopped there to host a fundraiser. It has been so long that I hope it is still there.

Jubilee Christain Church is the largest black church in Greater Boston. They bought their building on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan and purchased another one from Catholic owners in Stoughton to accommodate their large membership. Branded the Church without Walls. in the 80's because church service was held at rentable spaces across the cityt,. Jubilee operates the Axiom music recording studio, the Sanctuary Books store and a dozen other projects. It owns a lot of real estate. Jubiliee may have more Havard-educated church members than other churches

Motivation Church of Randolph Ma. recently moved to a building in Crawford Square that used to be a night time hip-hop club. Motivation Church attracts younger people. If you are over 55 you may be the oldest person attending. The pastor and churh vibe there is awesome. And the singing is surberb!

Morning Star Baptist Church sits on a big hill overlooking Blue Hill smack dab in the hood. You can watch live broadcast online and listen to live services. The Bishop John M. Borders, III, is Senior Pastor. The construction management company who helped build it is profiled on our black business page.

Bethel AME Church in Jamaica Plain is on Walk Hill Street. I seem to always be passing by Bethel marveling at its classically serious wood front door, stone and and beautiful architecture.

The Presbytery of Boston church directory lists Afro-American, Hispanic, Taiwanese and Korean churches within a 40 mile radius of Boston.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church is located in the South End across from Washington Park. Vicar Tim Crellin and Director of Youth Programs Liz Steinhauser are some amazing people. I've worked for them a number of years. Installing the first WIFI and downstairs computer lab, file server and extending the network beyond the front office, I've spent many hours there and know its a quality church and South End community center.

Holy Tabernacle Church on Washington street Dorchester is next to Muhammad's Mosque No. 11. in Roxbury a few doors down. Holy Tab church is a major community influence with a beautiful interior and one of the most dedicated media production volunteer staffs you will ever find in a black church. And the music made there is amazing and the service is too. The church operates a really important food pantry for the neighborhood. Its location is beside the Jermiah Burke High School in Dorchester.

Muhammad's Mosque No. 11 in Grove Hall connects Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to Boston. A former leader with Roxbury roots is Malcom X, who is celebrated every year in Boston with a breakfast and awards dinner Muslims worship at the Mosque lead by Minister Don Muhammad for years. Muhammad's Mosque No. II and the Boston Islamic Society building beside Roxbury Community College are imporant religious centers in Boston

St. Paul AME Church in Cambridge, MA is located in Central Square. A Rev. Jeffrey Brown, who was selected to the leadership of the failed Boston Olympics Committee and has been go to for politician seeking to the black church community is connected to St. Paul. A.M.E church.

Charles Street AME Church, Roxbury in the Grove Hall section in Boston at the Roxbury Dorchester line is one of the oldest churches around. Charles Street AME (CSAC) is an education - conscious congregation located at 551 Warren Street Roxbury, MA 02121. The pastor received an appointment to the Boston School Committee by the mayor in 2007 and left the position in 2013.

United House of Prayer Church ( web site ) has multiple locations in Greater Boston. It has a beautiful building of worship and food kitchen across form Franklin Park on Seaver St., right around the corner from NCAAA - the National Center of Afro-American Artists museum. The restaurant is known for its soul-food cuisine.

Nigerian churches in Boston - Nigerians worship in Boston and different churches In Randolph, Boston's sister majority Black city, Africans purchased their own building in Crawford Square for religous and community services.

African Meeting House Church of Beacon Hill boosters the black history museum on the site. has is a very good directory of Black Boston churches, events and advertisements from black churches in the areas.

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