Boston Markets:
Rose Crop New England Venture Capital Association

Ms. Rose Crop ( in photo ) is the director of the New England Venture Capital Association and a HACK.DIVERSITY cofounder.

Boston Black Business Hookups

Capacity Builders:

The Greater New England Minority Supplier Diversity Council brings MBEs and corporate members together for networking and establishing mutually beneficial relationships. Follow

The Black Economic Council of New England (BECMA) opens the door for Black-owned business moves into stakeholder positions with sizable projects. Follow

Referral Opportunity

Add your Company
Referrals generate revenue. Corporations, prime contractors and consumers have called us seeking a referrals to a minority owned business. For example, one needed a Civil Engineer. Another needed a construction site pest control manager, a consumer needed a plumber. These are inquires we want to refer to business owners who sign up to receive them. supporting #buyblack #buypoc #hireblack #EqualOpportunitytoAll.

Boston investors

Accelerators. Angels. Incubators.

targets Boston minorities / underserved

  • TCPProject + Epicenter Eighty-nine percent of the participants are people of color receiving MBA level training, mentoring, finance, legal, business plans, pitching, capital, sales and business etiquette. The program is focused on LOCAL creative ideas rather than billion dollar disrupters. Investments are in music, fashion, restaurants, DJ, Hip-Hop, food trucks and more.

  • NEVCA - the New England Venture Capital Association produces Unpitch, a coffee table meeting event designed to put entrepreneurs seeking funding together with investors seeking to make investments. The organization co-founded HACK.DIVERSITY, an initiative to stream college students into paying technology company intern positions,then permanent employment. Also NEVCA administers TECHGEN, an online platform for intern shopping and there are ongoing NEVCA investor related events throughout the year. The NEVCA member investor takes risks on companies needed $50,000 or more.

  • Smarter in the City, When Mayor Menino / Walsh funded redevelopment of Dudley Square, public discouse about innovation districts began to slide towards the hood. Cambridge's Kendall Square and the Seaport's Innovation District had started it, now attention was turning to DUDLEY SQUARE. Smarter-in-the-City became the first ( or second to Future Boston ) accelerator to target Roxbury residents who wanted to start a company in the hood that would create jobs for Roxbury. SMITC was born, brought over by a creative, connected entrepreneur from MIT.

  • Masschallenge - Application Period Opens February 8th
    Masschallenge is a Boston-based global accelerator powered by the Boston Foundation and institutional investors, MassChallenge applicants are domestic and international entrepreneurs. From its home in the Seaport Innovation District, Masschallenge provides office space, a marketplace, big cash prizes and expertise to startup founders. Winners receive cash, no strings attached in amounts from $10,000 to $100,000 and more.
  • Investors for Common Good

  • The @UjimaBoston Project is a Roxbury-based investment Co-op. The focus is on local small and very small startups from the neighborhood.

  • Dorchester Bay Loans - does what the name implies in addition to loans, provides free technical assistance to start-ups and growing businesses. Must live in, or have a business in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain or Roslindale, and need to purchase inventory, equipment, tenant improvements or for working capital.

  • The Boston Impact Initiative provides a mix of funding and grants to companies growing up in urban Boston that have a stake in that community, are growing and have hired employees who live in the neighborhood.

  • Boston Community Capital supports foreclosure relief.

  • Partners for Common Good bases its loans on the borrowers capabilities and its connection to the community.

  • National Grass Roots Investors

  • NewMe Accelerator became the first widely recognized black-owned startup funding engine for new entrepreneurs when CNN profiled their work. You can get the training online or you can apply for a NewMe residency.

  • People of Color in Tech is a West Coast group that interfaces with Silicon Valley area startups and high tech firms. Follow them and they'll lead you to the some money.

  • The Black Founders Group was co-founded by Monique Woodward who began targeting Blacks and Latinos with $$ millions from 500 Startups.

  • 500 Startups funded BLAVITY.COM.

  • 1,500 angel investors are associated with Massachusetts - click

  • Investors for Women-owned startups

  • Pipeline Fellowship

  • 37 Angels - my Moringa supplier was very successful here


Minority Business Development

The Minority Business Development Agency Boston is a Federal Department with offices in Copley Square who advocate for Boston minority businesses. The MBDA targets firms with annual revenues of over $1,000,000 or are on track for rapid growth.

Boston's minority business corporate-driven procurement community relies on minority business certification when making vendor and contract decisions. While getting certified is not required, it is recommended and the large procurement officers in corporations, schools, hospitals and tech companies are going to look for it in your firm's profile. Certification is FREE when performed by local, state of federal certifying authorities. MBE WBE PBE Minority Business Certification is offer for a fee beginning at $300 and up by several non-profit organizations serving the New England Region.

Certifications are performed by the State of Mass, City of Boston, the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, the Federal Government.

Boston based organizations such as BECMA - the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, the Collette Phillips Global Agency, The Boston Chamber of Commerce and Color Magazine hold events designed to help companies meet c-suite influencers: CEOS, Chief Diversity Officers, Presidents and Vice-Presidents, who champion diversity and service contracts with minority-owned businesses.

The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council

The GNEMSDC is an effective, certifying minority enterprise development agency. The GNEMSDC connects large corporate buyers with minority business owners and sellers via hosted meetings, briefings and funtions. We've attended GNEMSDC events held with the Boston Red Soz, North Eastern University and Boston Scientific and found them to be effective at expanding your business.

Massachusetts SDO - Supplier Diversity Office

The Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office investigates and certifies companies for the state MBE, WBE, M/WBE certification program. These certified MBEs and WBEs participate as vendors, contractors, and professional service providers to the state of Massachusetts and their certification is honored at the state's largest corporations and institutions. Most contracts and purchase orders from governnment offices have minority business participation language.

5 Ways to get funding nobody talks about

  1. Buy Lottery Game Tickets until you win big enough.

  2. Make something out of thin air that cost practically zero and sell it.

  3. Rather than ask crowdfunders for donations, sell crowdfunders something.

  4. Ask a customer to pay in advance.

  5. Ask your customer for funding

Great companies to know

construction management - JANEY COMPANY

A black-owned OPM or owners project manager specializing in building construction and managing projects from soup to nuts. Their impressive portfolio has that WOW factor. JANEY COMPANY recently built and opend a new Teen Center in Mattapan. The firm has erected structures for NorthEastern University, Whittier Health Clinic, Mattapan Community Health buildings, hotels, office parks and more. Call JANEY at (617) 267-6200. view their impressive portfolio online at

CPA Accounting - Sambookolo, CPA

A black-owned professional accounting and CPA licensed firm lead by principals who do the work and sign off on your financials. They are representing for profits, non profits, individuals with tax return needs and corporations. Sambookolo and Associates CPA LLC is an expert auditing firm and conducts contract compliance auditing and other forms of sophisticated auditing for Fortune 1000 sized firms. Learn more online at

Business History:

The printed edition of The Black Pages of New England directory was an important Boston area Yellow Pages style directory of businesses in a print format ( 1990 - 2008), that made it simple to shop with black-owned businesses in New England. Affectionately, known as The Black Pages (BPO), it was a platform for small and large Black-owned companies to be seen, and for regional corporations to make their brands known to readers of the book.

In March of 2017 the founder announced the new online edition of The on the radio station TouchFM 106.1 of Grove Hall, Roxbury.

During the show the founder said "when the BlackPages began in the 90's, the organization reached out to others across the United States about providing Black-Owned business listings in other cities and regions." Now there are Blackpage editions all over the country so make sure you add the word online when searching for the made-in-Massachusetts version of The Black Pages.

The Negro Motorist Green Book, (1936-1964) was a model Black business directory in print that became the bible of travel for Black motorists. Made by a mailman and published when society separated Blacks from whites at drinking fountains, bathrooms, housing and public establishments, the Green Book provided Blacks with places to eat, stay and buy from that welcomed them. Over 50 locations were in Massachusetts at the time. The Green Book covered much of North America, including most of the United States and parts of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

Boston by the Numbers

Black Business Article Feature examined the Marley Coffee company and explains how "JAMN JAVA, Inc." leveraged the Bob Marley name brand, coffee and the social value of organic sustainability to build a business and extend a legend.

Read our Marley Coffee article.

Startup Tales

Top cities in America to start a business have a few attributes that make them stand out. 1) They have a large number of seed capital and angel investors. 2) There is plenty of networking going on at meeetups, business plan competitions, accelerators, incubators, workshops, workspaces and virtual offices to help a business along. 3) There are a critical mass of entrepreneurs dreaming about being the next big thing and doing something about it. Boston is one of those top cities and its colleges, universities and for profit companies are doing their part to make innovation happen. Forbes Magazine brought its Forbes under 30 Competition here. There are a number of great magazines, newspapers and online blogs dedicated to the startup community. An organized mass of interns, supporters, investors, and mentors are easy to find.

So how is it going for the entrepreneur of color in Boston? The answer varies for it depends on who you ask. Start a business and find out for yourself!

A USAToday reporter discovered that 16% of the nation's millennials age 23-37 have at least $100,000 saved in their bank account.

Tranportation and our Hotels
Getting around Boston
Kirstein Business Library at Copley

Blacks in Construction
In the News
Hotels, Office space and Residential Buildings

Boston Black and minority led development teams have big projects in the works in the Seaport District, the South End and at the Rio Grande tower plan for Dudley Square.

All together, there is over $2 Billion going into these projects. A 25-foot residential tower is planned for Roxbury, a $550 million, 1,054-room hotel has been approved for South Boston’s Seaport District.

African American art gets boosted at The Tremont Crossing Project where a brand new museum for the National Center for Afro American Artist is going up with vertically-stacked retail stores, restaurants, 200,000 square feet of office space, 300 market rate apartment units, and 800 beds of University Housing, and a 175 room hotel.
business technology
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