We notify African Americans and Blacks in Boston about paid research study offer for volunteer participants.
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Volunteers wanted. Compensation is available

The HOPE for the Future Alzheimer’s Study LEARN MORE

HOPE is a resource to our community for people with and without memory concerns. This research will help ensure Black Americans benefit from new developments in diagnosis and treatment. Learn more. You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • Are 65 years of age or older without memory concerns or
  • Are 50 years or older with memory concerns
  • Have a caregiver or study partner who can accompany you to your annual study visit
  • HOPE will pay for your parking and will assist with transportation.
  • HOPE will also give you a $25-dollar visa gift card for your efforts!
  • contact us! Email: JoinADC@bu.edu
  • call (617) 358-5382 or visit the HOPE web site
  • on Twitter & Facebook find HOPE at : @bumemoryloss

Black parents are invited

African American parents are invited to join this research study about culture and parenting practices. You will receive a $25 Gift Card for participating. You might be eligible if you identify as African-American (Black American) and you have a child between the ages of 4 and 12.

learn more

This research study is about family life with African American and Black parents. Please click on the image to pull up the brochure details.

directory of research projects

In 2006, AboutBlackBostonOnline was the first to onboard people of color to join the RESPect Registry, a multi-cultural, central list of research projects and volunteer participants compiled by Boston University Medical Center (BUMC). A recent ProPublica investigation found that African-Americans are underrepresented in clinical trials for new cancer drugs, denying them the opportunity for potentially lifesaving treatment.

    Project Summaries

  • African-American with Pentecostal Church experinences were invited to participate in a research study about depression and involvement in the Pentecostal Church. African-American women age 20 or older who regularly attend or have attended a Pentecostal church and live or work in Massachusetts and Connecticut were eligible.THIS STUDY HAS ENDED

  • The Tufts University Department of Occupational Therapy enrolled participants for its Social Self-Management of Parkinson's Disease longitudinal survey. You'll give comments about how you are doing with Parkinson's Disease over time. Up to $350 in compensation for the patient and/or care-giver was offered. learn more.

  • McLean Hospital was conducting a study that examines the effectiveness of internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for improving depressive symptoms, coping skills, and brain function in people with depression. $500 compensation was offered.THIS STUDY IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW APPLICANTS. CONTACT US.

  • Opinions of Black Women wanted - View Flyer

    Volunteers were recruited for a group discussion with Tufts University researchers. African American women aged 18 and older were eligible. Participants received a $50 gift certificate for their contributions. The input helped Tufts researchers develop better ways to help black men prevent cancer. [ this study was fullfilled ]

  • THE GABBY STUDY seeks opinions from black women
    The GABBY STUDY seeks African American women volunteers aged 18-34 for testing an online web based software screen with Boston University Medical Center researchers, that addresses preconception care and women's health. Application Requirements: Must be 18-34, African American and not currently pregnant. $50 to $100 gift certificates were provided for your time. [ This has fullfulled its research objective. ]

  • The article titled "A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World, New York Times, September 17, 2019, identifies scientists and lobbyists who force harmful food into the grocery supply.
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  • Partners/MGH offers compensation (up to $1,050) when you are selected to join a skin-aging study for African American women in certain age groups.

  • Tufts University is seeking African-American, Hispanic and Latino children ages 8-15 for to volunteer and help improve dyslexia tests. Participants will visit Tufts University to take school like tests. Compensation per child will be provided. Read this info and consider if your children are able to help.
    Tufts Genes Reading Dyslexia Study
    Massachusetts leads the nation in the number of active physicians per capita, with 5.7 physicians per 1,000 residents. ( The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2011). ( status to be updated )

  • Asthma - Professionals at Children's Hospital and are on the case, addressing issues in the homes of children with asthma in Roxbury and Dudley Square area.

  • Skin aging study for Black Women within a certain age range pays $1,050 for participating. Learn More.

    sponsored by
    Partners Mass General Hospital Skin Aging Study

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Child rates $49 if ages 3 to 11. Children under 3 are free provided they don´t occupy a seat. Hotel Drop Offs at Marriott Long Wharf, Omni Parker House, Tour Office, Copley Square, Holiday Inn Express, Dorc., Braintree Wood Road, Hyatt Residence Inn and Comfort Inn, Randolph.

a church turned library in Provincetown

Religious Groups and Church Activities in Greater Boston

Who should volunteer for research studies?

We encourage people of color to consider participating in National Institute of Healthy sanctioned and other credible social and medical non-invasive research studies. When people of color participate, the products and services informed by the research will work better on patients of caregivers.

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options are:
1- Transportation services
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3- New England Black Heritage Tours

Affordable houses for rent or purchase
Sightseeing tours are running weekly. AboutBlackBoston.org Getaways helps you experience Black New England Heritage. Sightseeing tours that cover New England and Black Heritate Tours go out on a luxury motor coach..

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Healthcare Disparities?

Walk into Massachusetts General Hospital, the Brighams and Women's Hospital, Children's Hospital, Boston Medical Center or Tufts and what do you see? You'll see a diverse administrative staff and health industry professionals. If you are in a major hospital and see a Black doctor walking across the lobby, you should take a picture because Black doctors at the big ones are rare, because a majority of physicians of color work in neighborhood health clinics and they probably go there by choice, not because of forces they can't control.

You don't need a black doctor in Boston to get quality health care in Boston becausew staff professionals get the job done well.

There are far more technical founders of color starting web based internet companies than there are Black doctors entering medicine. Software is eating the world and mHealth mobile apps are a hot commodity.

"Black residents in Boston face health inequities in almost all health conditions" were key findings of the State of Black Boston 2011 which was authored by the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. Poltical arguements about the life expectancy of a Black Bostonian are alarming. We often hear that a Black living in a Black Boston neighborhood has a much shorter life expectancy than a white person living in the Back Bay. I don't know about you but something seemd odd about that statistic to us.

Neighborhood Clinics in Black Boston

"Black residents in Boston face health inequities in almost all health conditions" were key findings of the State of Black Boston 2011 which was authored by the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.

Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center is certified as a "Provider of the underserved" by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is located in a federally designated "Empowerment Zone," aka, Black Boston and Blue Hill Avenue across from the Franklin Park Zoo and the William J. Devine Golf Course and Club House. Mattapan Community Health Center (MCHC) has a brand new building and a financially secure lease contract with a CVS Pharmacy. MCHC serves primarily Black/African Americans, and Caribbean Immigrants, managing more than 7,000 individuals annually through 26,000 visits.

Whittier Street Health Center (WSHC) moved to its new location on Tremont street in Roxbury. WSHC attained the highest rate of black male primary care returns in the area. Every Wednesday Evening: 5:30 - 6:30 PM, WSHC has a Men’s Health Education & Intervention meeing in the Meeting Room. Contact Dalton Skerritt at (617) 989-3028 for more information.
church frontage

guess the name of this Randolph church

Why did a medical researcher in the Southern part team with a church to get volunteers into a medical trial?
watch for it
Contact us about your story.
guess the name of this Randolph church

guess the name of this Randolph church

guess the name of this Randolph church


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Health Journal
Full Story:

Our interview with singer Pattie Austin. She discusses her friendship with Luther Vandross and his unfortunate passing due to his health. We produced this article in association with the "Power to End Stroke" campaign on behof of the Universal Verve Music Group record label.
interviewed by K-lee
Why do Blacks distrust Clinical Medicine Trials?
The article will explore the story about Blacks in the South who were being tested without conscent.

Perhaps you have heard something about it. Myths and misunderstandings have developed about the project. We will write it up to set the record straight. Experimental medicine trials are NOT for everyone. While AboutBlackBostonOnline.com has no experimental medicine listings on the site, we believe those in need should carefully consider them when there is no other option available to you, with advice of your doctor of course.
How are the research studies we advertise different than clinical trials?

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Resurrection Lutheran Church bell tower side
The Religious Portrait of African Americans in 2009

Boston Black Churches
the largest

Jubilee Christian Church is the largest black church in Greater Boston. They bought their building on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan and purchased another one from Catholic owners in Stoughton to accommodate their large membership. Branded the Church without Walls. in the 80's because church service was held at rentable spaces across the cityt,. Jubilee operates the Axiom music recording studio, the Sanctuary Books store and a dozen other projects. It owns a lot of real estate. Jubiliee may have more Havard-educated church members than other churches

Morning Star Baptist Church sits on a big hill overlooking Blue Hill smack dab in the hood. You can watch live broadcast online and listen to live services. The Bishop John M. Borders, III, is Senior Pastor. The construction management company who helped build it is profiled on our black business page.

Muhammad's Mosque No. 11 in Grove Hall connects Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to Boston. A former leader with Roxbury roots is Malcom X, who is celebrated every year in Boston with a breakfast and awards dinner Muslims worship at the Mosque lead by Minister Don Muhammad for years. Muhammad's Mosque No. II and the Boston Islamic Society building beside Roxbury Community College are imporant religious centers in Boston

Union United Methodist church is a historical black church in Boston's South End. Last time I attended UU, Jesse Jackson was in town campaigning and stopped there to host a fundraiser. It has been so long that I hope it is still there.

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Greater Boston Interfaith Organization #WakeUpForHealth

Boston MA
AME church founder

Founder, The African American A.M.E Church. From the Mother Chuch in Philadephia, PA.
Kulifoods Moringa

seek happiness
black boston history

Power to End Stroke

for a topic
black boston history on churches and other

Ayanna Pressley
1108 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5111