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STEM skilled people in the United States are job rich. Competitors for positions we want may be there but there are enough STEM job openings to fulfill your wish. STEM educators can be found in community centers where kids go, in colleges, in innovation centers, and online. You won't have to pay a lot of money to get training. Self-paced training courseware is really good. May I suggest you subscribe to web site newletters available at,, and Google types. These resources can help your STEM career. Get in some classroom college level training as well. It helps a lot! While there are thousands of STEM job openings that do not require a college degree, when you have one, you can go for all jobs, whether they require the college degree or not.

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People of color especially Latinos, Hispanics and African Americans are the minority in corporate management, but the ones with STEM training are highly sought after. STEM has turned into a great option for African American workers. Recently African Americans surpassed whites as a percentage receiving Computer Science degrees from college and universities. Many efforts have worked in concert to achieve this. A young African American teen or college student benefits from the demand by industry for STEM workers, yet still there are hiring inconsistencies and cases of outright racism and discrimination when minority candidates receive interview opportunities..
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#Black Girl CODE


The Girls Who Code Clubs Program teaches computer science to 6th-12th grade girls. Girls who participate in the clubs will receive 40 hours of instruction from volunteer instructors in computer science including project based activities to reinforce concepts like conditionals, lists, and loops as well as skills like mobile app development.

Girls Who Code clubs are free and many are held at libraries and schools. Search for a club near you.

Some club locations:
• Boston Latin School: 78 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA
• Boston Public Library- Teen Central: 700 Boylston St., Boston, MA
• Brookview House: 2 Brookview St., Dorchester, MA
• Cambridge Public Library (2 sessions): 449 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
• Dudley Middle School: 70 Dudley-Oxford Road, Dudley, MA
• Everett High School: 100 Elm St., Everett, MA
• Mario Umana Academy: 312 Border St., East Boston, MA
• Match High School: 1001 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA
• McKay K-8 School: 122 Cottage St., Boston, MA
• Northeastern University: 440 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA
• Public Library of Brookline (2 sessions): 361 Washington St., Brookline, MA

Blacks in the IT Bubble
Business are using the internet and online enabled devices as often as they use their telephones. When you buy a computer and software for the office, notice that no one offers to train you how to use it. Not any more. Cell phone repair shops are popping up sometimes three and four in the same shopping mall. This unwise use and saturations will cause a big shake out for sure. African Americans and minorities interest in IT are advised to study and pass the A+ certification courses. You can do this on your own. Then if you do not yet have a degree and want to get jobs that pay okay, start working for staffing agencies. They place you in positions that have a lot of responsibility. In Urban cities, they will have convenient places of employment for you.

STEM in BOSTON: Here's what's new

Boston Tech & Civic Leaders Band Together to 'Hack Diversity' by Olivia Vanni - Staff Writer with Boston INNO newspaper says it best.

"Hack Diversity, co-founded by Smarter-in-the City Accelerator alum Melissa James of The Tech Connection, is a new program connecting talented STEM students of color with strong companies in Greater Boston. Hack Diversity shall remove barriers between Boston's local innovation economy and the Black and Latino communities" proposes the idea.

"Through HACK DIVERSITY, engineering and computer science students of color at urban universities can apply for paid internships at prominent companies throughout Greater Boston. In addition to gaining work experience at tech companies, selected candidates will be matched with a personal mentor."

"The Hack Diversity Mentor Network will consist of mid- and senior-level black and Latino engineers and executives who will coach the students one on one, supporting them and encouraging their professional development."

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Sounds good, eh? Yes!

But Black-owned companies have been hiring STEM workers for years without any fanfare. It is their responsibility. African American companies hire more minorities than any other company in America. And the pay is competitive. It has to be because we know the talent is good. Applicants should get to know who the Black-owned and minority-owned companies are.

Here are 300 Boston area Black and minority-owned companies to contact about job openings. check our jobs board for internships, full time and parttime positions.

KUDOs to Melissa James and crew. No doubt, the press coverage of HACK DIVERSITY will educate the un-diverse tech leadership about people of color with abilities to perform. Black companies have been hiring skilled talent for years. For years! I know the tech corporate elite wants to diversify their ranks. This is to be commended!

Black Boston STEM Mentoring Opportunity.

Introducing the WOW Campaign of Massachusetts.
Check out the "WOW Campaign" video. WOW is a public awareness campaign about the exciting STEM career opportunities that exist here in Massachusetts. See how these students made out.

Boston Black Heritage Tours

Intro to Black Boston tours

If I inserted the word "multi-cultural" where Black is, would this go over better? I think not. Chances are, you have not yet been to the destinations listed in our Black Heritage Tour Series trip list. Everyday, we learn something new don't we? Blacks have been a vital part of Early Boston and New England since its inception. That's what you'll learn from these heritage trips. They are multi-cultural, Black, Afro-American oriented trips. At some destinations are tours. Most of the tours are narrated. Experienced tour guides run them at the sites.

We urge your group to try them. They make for an interesting day. Our Black Heritage Travel series covers museums, guide tours of heritage trails, cultural districts, historical destinations, sites, monuments and more.

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Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively, however take time off. Ski, dance, play a musical instrument, cook, knit, grow green things. Do something different than programming computers and talking tech and you'll be alright.

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A Black African developed parallel processing while attending MIT University. there. Considered the Black Bill Gates by many, Dr. Phillip Emeagwali, a computer scientist from Nigeria, was way ahead of the curve. His techniques enabled computer to gang together and crunch hard problems with Big Data. An African American was the first person named by Boston Magazine as Best of Boston winner / owner of a computer retail store.

New England has mixed ethnic groups. Altogether, the coders, engineers, programmers, architects and scientists from Africa, Barbados, Haiti, Indian, Iran, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana ..Puerto Rico, the list goes on and on .. have made New England what it is today. People of color in STEM are making the Massachusetts Innovation Miracle .
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