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Here's what we found about credit scores in America from the TRUMP White House website some time ago.

The economic boom has boosted American personal finances. Their average credit scores are at an all-time high. Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) shows the average FICO score hit 700 for the first time in April 2017, according to the summary guidance.

Massachusetts market credit snapshot
  • Housing Lottery offices are pulling income tax filings direct from the IRS
  • "Free cash flows" - they will calculate your ability to pay the advertised rents
  • Many private landlords can pull your credit report for a $30 fee
  • * Errors and ommissions on your credit report will hurt YOU in the marketplace
  • Banks want your FICO score to be at least 620+ to do personal loans
  • The really good low interest rate credit cards want 720+ FICO scores
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CONSUMER POWER: Its a fact! Good credit is a good thing in America.

HOUSING LOTTERY CREDIT POLICY: In NY, applicants to affordable housing lotteries "will" no longer be subject to rejection based solely on poor credit scores or past disputes with landlords in housing court. This is an ideal scenario but the devil is in the details because housing lottery and waitlist application legalese could supercede such policies. We will find out if this is the case for Massachusetts and get back to you.

In 2016, GOOGLE SAYS New York City passed a law that spells out advantages for persons applying to affordable housing with poor credit. So we have to research the Massachusetts policy on bad credit in affordable housing application scenarios and share it with everyone on the list.

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