Boston Black business owners list of grants to apply for now. Includes directory of angel investors for your idea.
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we moved the site project into beta MVP mode on August 14, 2020.

The site was boosting contract vendors for Subcontracting, RFPS and Bidding, but the scope is changing. Now that the BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS LISTINGS are being updated and presented at, we will take down the InnerCitySoftware website by September 2020 and do something else with it.

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The City of Boston Department for Minority Business Enterprise Development will certified minority-owned companies.

The Federal Minority Business Development Agency targets firms with annual revenues of over $1,000,000 or are on track for rapid growth. Boston minority businesses can pursue preferred vendor procurement status with corporations as a minority business enterprise because there are perks to receiving the designation. One such perk limits competition when you compete on bids. Another perk is to be named a prime vendor to procurement offices. Minority business certification in Massachusetts is a plus but it is not required to become successful in your industry sector. Certification is recommended if your goal is to focus on large corporate and government procurements. Many companies will have you file a VENDOR APPLICATION which will ask Are You Certified. It counts on their recordkeeping end. Institutions are tracking the dollars they spend on diversity, we hope. There are many flavors of certification for business types. The letters MBE WBE M/WBE PBE and the DBE ( disadvanted business enterprise) represent a few of them. The one we like is HUB or (historially underutilized business.)

Minority Business Enterprise Certification is processd by State, City and Local government offices. The Centers for Women in Business Enterprise is a certifier. The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council is also a certifying body. The SBA connected Federal Government agencies perform certifications at multiple levels. There are national minority purchasing councils and organizations that perform vendor certification. . Boston based organizations such as BECMA - the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, the Collette Phillips Global Agency, The Boston Chamber of Commerce and Color Magazine hold events designed to help companies meet c-suite influencers: CEOS, Chief Diversity Officers, Presidents and Vice-Presidents, who champion diversity and service contracts with minority-owned businesses.

The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council - - The GNEMSDC is an effective, certifying minority enterprise development agency. The GNEMSDC connects large corporate buyers with minority business owners and sellers via hosted meetings, briefings and funtions. We've attended GNEMSDC events held with the Boston Red Soz, North Eastern University and Boston Scientific and found them to be effective at expanding your business.

Massachusetts SDO - Supplier Diversity Office - - The Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office investigates and certifies companies for the state MBE, WBE, M/WBE certification program. These certified MBEs and WBEs participate as vendors, contractors, and professional service providers to the state of Massachusetts and their certification is honored at the state's largest corporations and institutions. Most contracts and purchase orders from governnment offices have minority business participation language.

5 Ways to get funding nobody talks about

  1. Buy Lottery Game Tickets until you win big enough.

  2. Make something out of thin air that cost practically zero and sell it.

  3. Rather than ask crowdfunders for donations, sell crowdfunders something.

  4. Ask a customer to pay in advance.

  5. Ask your customer for funding

30 years of Black Boston Business History:

The printed edition of The Black Pages of New England directory published by Thelma Sullivan was an important Boston area Yellow Pages style directory of businesses in a print format ( 1990 - 2008), that made it simple to shop with black-owned businesses in New England. Affectionately, known as The Black Pages (BPO), but not longer in print, it was a platform for small and large Black-owned companies to be seen, and for regional corporations to make their brands known to readers of the book.

The BlackPages reached out to others across the United States about providing Black-Owned business listings in other cities and regions." Now there are Blackpage versions everywhere in the USA.

The Negro Motorist Green Book, (1936-1964) was a model Black business directory in print that became the bible of travel for Black motorists. Made by a mailman and published when society separated Blacks from whites at drinking fountains, bathrooms, housing and public establishments, the Green Book provided Blacks with places to eat, stay and buy from that welcomed them. Over 50 locations were in Massachusetts at the time. The Green Book covered much of North America, including most of the United States and parts of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.


AboutBlackBostonOnline examined the (BOB) Marley Brand company startup history and this is what we found. "JAMN JAVA, Inc." leveraged the Bob Marley name brand, coffee and the social value of organic sustainability to build a business and monetize coffee and cannabis brands.

Read our Marley Brand funding article
What's hot in Boston for Entrepreneurs
The top cities in America to start a business in have a few attributes that make them stand out and they are:
1) A large number of seed capital and angel investors exist.
2) There is plenty of networking going on: meetups, business plan competitions, accelerators, workspaces
3) They have a critical mass of entrepreneurs, consumers and suppliers.

So how is it going for the entrepreneur of color in Boston? The answer varies - it depends on who you ask. Few are able to turn down a guaranteed weekly paycheck they get from working for someone rather than working for self 100%. Many who received funding, run out of money because the company idea didn't work. If we had to guess, we would say that the longest lasting Black-owned companies who have been in business in Boston are in the trades: Construction, Highways, Electrical and hospitality such as bars and clubs.
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The Billion Dollar Pipeline
Construction In the News
Hotels, Office space and Residential Buildings

MBE Enterprises have big construction project plans for the Seaport District, the South End and Dudley Square. Skyscraper hotels, tall luxury apartment buildings, and residential complexes complete with artists performance halls are on the table. with over $2 Billion allocated for greenlighted projects. A 25-foot residential tower is planned for Roxbury, a $550 million, 1,054-room hotel has been approved for South Boston’s Seaport District. African American art gets boosted at The Tremont Crossing Project where a brand new museum for the National Center for Afro American Artist is going up with vertically-stacked retail stores, restaurants, 200,000 square feet of office space, 300 market rate apartment units, and 800 beds of University Housing, and a 175 room hotel.
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Boston Christian Science Center is a hub of new development
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