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Authentic, one of a kind t-shirts and accessories marking the year 1638, when Boston's first Black community began forming.
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Follow the money. There has never been a better time for African American business owners in Boston. The Biden Administrations's promises to Black America and Cares Act legislation for all America has arrived with anti-poverty tactics in play. Black Business advocates have pressed millions of dollars from supporters and pooled it. GRANTS are going to Black-owned businesses in Massachusetts.

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Cash grant providers and business builders

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Co-working spaces in Black Boston

Check out the Fairmont Innovation Lab of Dorchester. The Fields Corner Business Lab, the libraries and the Roxbury Innovation Center are the places to know about. REEVX LABS, a FREE co-working space in Nubian Square for local entrepreneurs and non-profits. COVID-19 caused programming to move online where the centers stage virtual workshops, lectures, business plan competitions, coaching and classes.

Nubian Square News

Plan to rename the Roxbury library to the "Nubian Square Library." Sign the Petition.

The Nubian Square Black Wall Street energes! A Black Wall Street in Tulsa rose above acres of empty space owned by a wealthy Black-landowner.

Watch community planners design Nubian Square

See our list of Grant and Funding Sources here.

The Roxbury Cultural District is embedded in Nubian Square. View Nubian Square business owners discussing their profitability.

Site Topics

Job Openings. See Who is Hiring Now
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Research Studies for Volunteers are paying to participate

Cancer Help
Get ahead of Multiple Myeloma. It affects African Americans more than any others.

Read the Promise Study
The Promise Study

Research study for African American parents.

Volunteer African-American (Black American) parents with a child between the ages of 4 and 12 is invited to participate. A small compensation is provided. Sign-up

African American Parents Study

All Around Boston. Fall Sightseeing Tours and more.


The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Download the free NAACP Niagara Movement program book keepsake from the 2017 100th Year Boston held Centennial Celebration

Sixteen Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Programs

The average monthly payment of a person with student debt ranges from $150-$244 per month. It can be a problem for some graduations. On average, 5% of household income goes to pay off the student debt balance every year. These sixteen agency programs accept applications to reduce or remove student debt from your personal balance sheet.

Affordable Housing News

Mayor Walsh announced he would steer seventy million dollars to building and perserving affordable apartments and homes in the City of Boston. It will create 1,097 units of housing in Brighton, Chinatown, Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roslindale, Roxbury and West Roxbury.

There were 3,733 new housing units were built in Boston in 2018 as part of Mayor Walsh’s Housing plan to build 69,000 new housing units by 2030, 16,000 of which would be income-restricted. Education: Boston has so far maintained steady growth in overall enrollment.

Black Construction Businesses Drive Black Boston's Wealth Creation

Janey Company and partner completes OMNI HOTEL Seaport skyscraper

story coming soon...

Black Tech has yet to make any kind of dent in the wealth creation pastures of Black Boston. Roxbury holds down the center of African American culture in New England and the Dudley Square Nubian Square Block is a busy intersection of transit, construction development and public education policy management. Black builders have arrived and they are winning!

Cruz Companies will build affordable housing in Dudley Nubian Square

The proposed project in the video has resulted in a $100 million dollar deal. Sixty percent of the budget is designated for competitive Black-owned companies and minority developers who construct buildings.

The CRUZ Companies win is a WIN WN for residents as well. A plan for creating two buildings with 150 housing units was selected. According to the BayState Banner newspaper report, 50 units of rental housing is priced at 30 to 50 percent of Area Median Income. In today's dollars a family of three would need to make $30,600 to $51,000 for rent rate eligibility.

Another 100 condo units will be sold. Fifty condos are priced at 70 and 80 percent AMI levels. A family of three would pay $217,000 to $257,000 in today's dollars to own a condo at the property. 50 housing units will be sold at market rate prices where the sky is the limit.

270 parking spaces are planned for the property. Black Boston gentrification has been a tornado wiping out Black and brown people who have been there for years. The rent is too damn high in Boston. Kudos to the City of Boston and to BECMA, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts for working in equity participation practices.
Look here to view the Boston Affordable Housing Income Limit Charts.

Black-owned Boston Architect and Construction Firms Score Big Wins. Black Boston Community GDP exceeds the $2B level

It was a good year for black-owned architecture and construction industry firms in 2018. Now, the trend continues in 2019 as recent parcel developments have been awarded by the City of Boston. This is a good deal for trade skilled electricians, cleaners, plumbers, brick masons and greenspace makers. The share-the-wealth plan is starting to materialize in Boston as a small group of black-owned firms have been winning big deals.
Remember 2011, when the Black Boston Community GDP was $2B. That will be surpassed by 2020, no doubt!

Black Boston scores political wins

The Black Political Revolution has been Televised and Boston's black political community took a bow for the successful election of Ayanna Pressley to Congress for District Seven that hovers over Harvard University, The Museum of Fine Arts, MIT, Northeastern Unversiity, Berklee College of Music, Cambridge, Somerville, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Randolph and very interesting parts of Boston.

Rachael Rollins is the new District Attorney-elect for Black Boston and Suffolk County.

Ayanna Pressley on BlackBoston.com  Rachael Rollins on BlackBoston.com
Ayanna Pressley, Rachael Rollins

Both women are experienced African American professionals who know their way, but they have been blessed by invisible forces active in Greater Boston's Black Twitter, Black Facebook, Black Instagram & Black produced Social Media channels surrounding them, but they may not know that. This explains why. When media analysts credit demographic trends that show more and more people of color in the voting population, they miss the native breeze powering Blacks to electoral wins because it is silent and electronic. This whispering impact can be traced to the problem Blacks in Boston solved for themselves when they were feeling isolated while living and working here. They solved a collective personal problem while Boston power brokers ignored them.

The Only One in the Room Syndrome Got Fixed

Five years ago, many Black Urban Professionals would burn out of Boston because of isolation from their people. "There is nowhere for blacks to go and be around blacks" they would tell this web site feedback form, but this is not the case today. Black people have fixed their isolation problem in Boston. By fixing this problem, black politicians who can make you believe they are "the one," have been benefiting with votes and cash contributions from Blacks who now feel better about their surroundings. You don't credit demographic trends for this. You credit the problem solving work of Black Boston Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, What's App and other messenging apps and Web Sites and Blogs catering to Black readers in Greater Boston, for they have long been the glue that directed Blacks to each other who didn't know each other.

Now it is easier for blacks to organize blacks than it ever was. Blogging software, Eventbrite and Facebook apps, combined with e-mail lists distribute the messages in a highly targeted fashion. Sustainable black organizations have formed and they are doing group events and activities on a regular basis. Each one has a unique purpose for being. Collectively, the groups exist for one goal and that is to fix the "isolated-while-Black-in-Boston" problem Black individuals had been feeling.

This problem still persist among black students at private universities such as Northeastern, Boston University, Harvard and others, since the BBSN - Boston Black Student Network failed, but the problem has been largely beem solved for Black urban professionals, artists, creatives and other workers of color. If you are new to the city, you may feel it but not for long, once you start looking around at activities we post and see what other blacks are doing. Black groups organize events for themselves. Of course, everyone is invited and a few whites will attend but these physical Black meetups are mostly a Black thang. So no more excuses about "I am Black in Boston with nowhere to go and nothing to do around people who look like me" Black people! You have choices now you have always wanted.

And that is why Black politicians are winning. On average, Black group meetups collect 30 to 100 people in person at a single event. That's enough to TAKE OVER the average size bar / restaurant / movie screening room, and it happens frequently. Black politicians are rarely invited to appear in a political role at them yet they benefit beause the events create an environment for people to think about what they gonna do about x, y, and z and agree to do it in solidarity.

Boston Police Matters

Boston Police Dept logoThe Boston police department is being lead by an African American for the first time since the city was chartered in 1630. William Gross, an African American, took charge in August 2018. Black Boston's community is hoping for better police protection, fewer unsolved crimes, better community relations with police department, more diversity on the police force, and more. In the Roxbury community, the intellectual and historical center of African American culture in Boston, it would be a great thing when citizens feel better about the Boston police department.

Slave memorials in Boston news

Faneuil HallThe Olde North Church history story has been opened to add new findings about the role its early builders and financiers had in the slave trade. Historic Faneuil Hall, a magnet for Boston tourists, has become the target of a boycott lead by the New Democracy Coalition, a non-partisan group of community organizations and clergy who have lobbied to have the name Faneuil replaced with Crispus Attucks, because Mr. Faneuil traded in slave cargo, while the mayor supports keeping the name intact while erecting a million dollar slave memorial that would resemble a slave auction block designed by a Mass College of Art professor. The NDC wants people to refuse to spend money there until the name changes. This year the Boston Red Sox changed the name of Yawkey Way at Fenway Park to Jersey Street out of similar concerns.


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Boston Black History

Click to take a quick video tour of an Underground Railroad pathway used by Blacks escaping slave catchers on Beacon Hill in Early Boston. Still functioning today, you will travel to the entrance of MAAH.ORG - the Massachusetts African American History Museum on Beacon Hill.

Heroes of the Past

Today, BostThe first African American Governor of Massachusetts was elected in 2006. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and President Barack Obama attended Boston area universities.

There won't be an Elmer Lewis Partners P-3 Tremont Crossing develpment. The plan was cancelled effective Oct 2019 due to lack of financing.

Where the Blacks Are in Boston

Affordable Apartment Rentals

Cheap Apartments by Lottery

smallwall.net web site logo
Our smallwall.net affordable housing finder site list properties designated for income-restricted households who typically have less than $68,000 per year in annual income.

The applicants qualify for modern, new apartment rentals, older mixed use rentals, and homes and condos sold below the market rate. A lottery determines who gets the unit. These apartments have fixed priced rents. An average new Studio or 1BR apartment rents for $700-$1,100, depending on location. Individuals with Section 8 vouchers and other types of housing subsidy pay just 30% of their monthly income for properties only available by entering the lottery.

visit SmallWall.net

sculpture from a West Tisbury Gallery on Martha's Vineyard
gallery in West Tisbury

Local Shops

View Local Black Owned Shops not usually found in MBE directories.
Vegetarian Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Skin Care, Insurance Company.

These Black owned local shops were profiled on the Chronicles WCVB TV5 show.
watch video of Artisans Co-op at Stetson Hall - Randolph, MA

watch video of Chocolate Therapy - Framingham, MA
weekend getaways
Weekend Getaways, tours,trips, adventures. Admission tickets are sold on our web site. You purchase transportation or trips pre-pacakaged with transportation.click to see what's available.

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Blacks on TV and Museums


Television personalities
Soledad O'Brien started her career under Sarah Ann Shaw whom she gave tribute to during the Urban League's State of Black Boston reunion 2014.

Local television outlets have many brown faces these days. Old timers say there used to be more than there are now. TV news reporters and on air hosts show off the diversity of what a majority-minority city is. It is a Pan African mix. African Americans are not the majority group on air. The public affairs show format is a mainstay anchor for the Blacks on TV category. Karen Holmes hosts CityLine Sunday mornings, Callie Crossley does Greater Boston and Basic Black on Friday nights - she is on daytime GBH radio too, and Byron Barnett brands the Urban Update TV show on Sunday mornings.

Basic Black produced by WGBH is the longest running public affairs television program in Boston. The Comcast public affairs station BNN-TV Channel 23 showcases producers of color from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan.
The Museum of Afro-American History on Beacon Hill offers guided tours while exhibiting Colonial African American life in Boston.
An important Civil War stature of African Americans is the U.S. 54th Regiment Memorial across the street from the Capitol building on Beacon Hill.

School Department Statistics:
Massachusetts public school statistics

Health and Human Services from Mass.Gov

Legal Services

  • The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice Boston is at www.lawyerscom.org

  • Discrimination complaints start with MCAD - mass.gov/mcad

  • Lawyers of color gather at TheBostonLawyersgroup.com

  • For Legal Assistance, contact the Boston Bar Association Referral Line (617) 742-0625

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Black art on Boston Common
EMBRACE the MLK Memorial on Boston Common
The Embrace by Hank Willis Thomas and MASS Design Group wins competitive art contest selection for the $10M Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King public memorial installation to be placed on Boston Common.

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Mayor's Office
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Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley,
the first African American woman
elected from Massachusetts
Washington DC office:
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