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YPN-ULEM is the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.

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Minority Organizations,Meetups and Associations list

The list of active minority professional groups is growing in Boston. Verve and fashion complement traditional reasons blacks form associations and join Meetup Groups ike these below:

100 Concerned Men of Color

National Association of Black Engineers minority professionals in Boston.

Boston Naturals

Boston FAB / FAB Empire

Alpha Kappa Beta Gamma

Boston Ski Party

National Assocation of Black Accountants minority professionals in Boston

National Association of Black Journalists

Black Data Processing Assocation Metro West Chapter

Harvard Kennedy School Black Policy Conference ( happens every April )

The United Minority Professionals ( a composition group )

Partial MEETUP Group List

New England Professional Queer Women of Color

Boston HBCU grads

Sexy Sistah book club circle of friends

Black Scholars and Professionals Boston Women's Group

Boston Onyxbirds Travel Group

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