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Where to get Apartment Lottery and Affordable Rent Deals in Greater Boston or Massachusetts

March 2017

Affordable housing apartment lottery options, Section 8 waitlists and housing for income restricted earners are on this page. New construction offers apartment lottery programs. If your rent or mortgage payment was thirty-five percent of your monthly income you are already in an affordable housing cost living situation. When your income is between $20,000 and $106,000 per year, you can qualify in many places for reduced price rents or purchase prices for quality housing. If your income is below $20,000 that's okay when you know what to do.

See apartment lottery forms and learn how to rent or purchase Income Restricted housing.
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Urban Edge rents affordable units. There are over 200 community development corporations like them in Massachusetts building affordable homes and rentals.

Click to view a directory of affordable and special needs housing developments. Wait for it to appear, it is a large file sourced from the MassHousing Partnership.

The income-restricted housing lottery is regulated by government policy. Rents and purchase prices are lower to income-restricted households.

We help families and individuals access affordable housing opportunities.
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Threadmark Apartments at Ashmont

About Apartment Lottery Competition

View Ashmont's Threadmark lottery sales sheet

New housing development welcome affordable apartment renters. They attract hundreds if not thousands of lottery applicants for the small number of income restricted uits available.

There may be 100 applicants for every ONE 1 affordable advertised unit in the development.
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So how do you win THE APARTMENT LOTTERY?. First you have to show up with complete documentation. It is required to get your application in before the deadline. your chances are as good as anyone else. And when there are expressed residential preferences and you can meet a number of them you in even better shape.

Who is the Apartment Lottery For?

People think the apartment lottery are just for poor people but nothing could be further from the truth. When you consider the starting salaries many a college grad has to work with, you can bet they more than likely will qualify for income restricted units as well. So there are low income ranges and middle income ranges. Each lottery is different and sometimes there is a preference that gives you an advantage. Lottery Preferences may be:

  • handicapped or disabled persons are considered
  • a random drawing lottery levels the playing field
  • homeless parents w/kids in shelter may be priority
  • if you are an Urban Renewal displacee
  • veteran, HIV, or senior citizen a plus
  • if you live in town of lottery it may help
  • first time homebuyers get dibs on sales
  • your household size can be a factor
  • and NONE of the ABOVE may apply in lotteries, it depends. Ask them.

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Online Apartment Rentals

click rental apts from Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership
You will not be thrilled when you see the rent asked for.

Madison Park Development (617) 849-6227 builds affordable units in BLACK BOSTON.

Community development orgs making affordable housing opportunities.

  • Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation, (617) 787-3874
  • Chinatown - Asian Community Development Corporation - see all buildings
  • Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation, (617) 825-4224
  • Fenway Community Development Corporation, (617) 267-4637
  • Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation, (617) 522 2424
  • Madison Park Development Corporation, (617) 849-6220.
  • Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, (617) 566-6565
  • Nuestra Communidad, (617) 427-5399
  • RECLAIM ROXBURY - web site
  • South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, (617) 268-9610
  • Urban Edge, (617) 989-9200

Accessible Housing Registry helps people with disabilities find affordable housing in Massachusetts. CLICK TO SEARCH.

CORI Tip -- see list of companies who hire CORI

Extra Income Opportunities

How to Get a Mortgage if you are Self-Employed ( no W2) CLICK

View Affordable Homes for Sale all Over Massachusetts

Online Listings

The source of this information is the Citizen's Housing and Planning Association of Massachusetts. Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association’s mission is to encourage the production and preservation of housing that is affordable to low and moderate income families and individuals and to foster diverse and sustainable communities through planning and community development. Affordable homes across the state are marketed and sold by a number of developers. Listings are voluntarily added.

"STUDIO" is the most popular apartment related Google search term in Boston metro.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has more public housing applicants than there are available units. Applicants are asked to choose their preferred building locations. These waiting list may be 1,500 to 10,000 persons who are looking for an opening. To get on a public housing wait list, you have to be eligible and it could take as long as 10 weeks to 5 years for the BHA to verify an applicant's eligibility.

Boston Public Housing by the Numbers

  • The BDPA Boston Development and Planning Agency approved 8,000 new housing units in 2016. Just 1,600 were affordable
  • a reported 40,000 people are on wait lists for public housing in Boston
  • In 2013, 728 got public housing apartments
  • Mothers with children who live in homeless shelters receive priority placements.
  • For example, of 18 recently provided housing at the Alice Taylor Homes public housing development, 12 were homeless moms.

The BHA does not provide immediate housing, nor does it provide short-term or shelter housing. Public briefings about BHA housing stock are being held in the John F. Murphy Housing Service Center at 56 Chauncy Street, Downtown Boston, (617)-988-3400.

Sales Prices for Homes and Condos

Average sales prices for Boston single family homes is $310,000. Jamaica Plain condominium prices are running around $422,000 on average. These prices may seem higher than what you wanted to see but these are averages based on what sold recently. There are lower cost homes and condos on the market.

exotic houses

Boston Development and Planning Authority (BDPA) formerly the BRA
Apartment building list with Income-Restricted Units for RENT or PURCHASE. These are but a few of the many buildings having BDPA oversight.

City NeighborhoodStreet AddressContacts
8 Griggs Street 
The Mount Vernon Company: 617-870-3584
The Mt. Vernon 
65 Brainerd Road & 1302 Commonwealth Ave 
The Mount Vernon Company: 617-870-3584
Allston The Edge
60-66 Brainerd Road
The Mount Vernon Company: 617-870-3584
Back Bay
Mandarin Oriental 
778 Boylston Street 
Maloney Properties: 617-209-5406
Back Bay
Avalon @ Prudential 
780 Boylston Street 
Avalon @ Prudential: 617-536-9300
150 Chestnut Hill Avenue 
Brighton 375 Market Street 617-733-4488
Building 33 @ the Navy Yard 
33 Third Avenue 
Harborview @ the Navy Yard 
250 First Avenue 
Roseland Property: 617-242-1598
Mezzo Design Lofts 
30 Caldwell Street 
Winn Residential: 617-242-0999
Charlestown Gatehouse 75
75 West School Street
Maloney Properties: 617-209-5406
Lofts @ Lower Mills 
1245 Adams Street 
Winn Management: 617-833-5533
Schoolhouse @ Lower Mills 
40 River Street 
The Dolben Company: 857-598-4807
The Peninsula Apartments 
401 Mount Vernon Street 
Corcoran Jennison Management: 617-436-0005
Walter Baker Lofts (Artist Live/Work) 
1231 Adams Street 
Paradigm Partners: 617-349-1100
Archstone Boston Common 
660 Washington Street 
Atlantic Wharf 
530 Atlantic Avenue 
32 & 40 Boylston Street 
The Hamilton Company: 617-228-5312
East Boston 350 Bremen Street ReMax Results: 617-821-3920
1330 Boylston Street 
Samuels & Associates: 617-267-1330
Harvard @ Trilogy 
170 Brookline Avenue 
Harvard Real Estate Services: 617-496-0216
142-148 Hemenway Street 
R.M. Bradley & Company: 617-421-0732
Hotel Buckminster 
645 Beacon Street 
29 Peterborough Street 
Hajjar Realty: 617-296-5200
Triangle Trilogy 
180 Brookline Avenue
Samuels & Associates: 617-874-5649
Fort Point
Midway Studios (Artist Live/Work) 
15 Channel Center Street 
Hallkeen Mangement: 617-946-4630
Fort Point Factory 63
63 Melcher Street
Greystar: 617-443-0100
Mission Hill
Oliver Lofts (Artist Live/Work) 
166 Terrace Street 
Winn Management: 617-879-1620
North End
Strada 234 
234 Causeway Street 
Maloney Properties: 617-209-5406
South Boston 
Parklane Seaport Apartments 
1 Park Lane 
Bozzuto Management: 617-542-3200
South Boston 
The Signal Building 
184 West Second Street 
SREBoston: 617-720-2800
South Boston 11 West Broadway 508-651-0700
South End
601 Albany Street 
The Hamilton Company: 617-228-5312
South End
James Court Apartments 
45 East Newton Street 
Fulton Properties: 617-369-9400
West End 
Archstone Avenir 
101 Canal Street 
West End
West End Apartments/Emerson Place 
5 Longfellow Place 
Equity Residential: 617-973-2200
West Roxbury
Belgrade Place 
446 Belgrade Avenue 
Maloney Properties- 617-209-5406



Lofts at Lower Mills, 1245 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA. Rental/Sale: Ownership - first time homebuyers, Prefer City of Boston Residents, Households with at least 1 person per bedroom, just 1 unit avail, 2 Bedroom - $181,400. (978) 456-8388

BRA Made - This Boston Redevelopment Authority affordable condo opportunity was offered for $250,000 - income limited to $66,000 annual. Its at Porter 156 Lofts in East Boston. Its has a large concept space with open floor plan and a 161 sq ft second floor loft area for bedroom or office. Has 16 foot high ceilings, includes a roof deck terrace. The listing was being offered by (978) 790-4381. A 4.5% mortgage will cost you about $1230 a month plus annual taxes of around $3,000 and condo fees of $160/mo

Home Buy News

Olmstead Green 3 Bedroom townhouses start at $202,000 to buy.

Advertise your homes and apartment here. Private owners and companies are being served and we have plenty of leads for you. Contact us at 617-942-1301.

Deciding on where to live

To get a feel for the everyday neighborhood vibe you are considering, we suggest you go to the addresses of the housing and just hang around as long as you can. Visit the corner store, the laundromat. Notice what people do around you. Do strangers make eye contact?

See Any kids? Any bicycles or signs of life? Go there when school is letting out which is around 3:30pm for most places. Or at 6:00 when people start to arrive home from work and see who says hello. Try out the area in the morning when people go to work and check it out too. This will tell you a lot about the neighborhood.

Luxury Apartment Profiles

Foreign investors pay cash for Boston luxury apartments driving up pricing to bid levels over and above listed pricing. The Rose Kennedy Greenway area used to be a ghost town, but that's all changed. Luxury apartment pricing starts at $1 million for condos.

Boston ranks #5 among the richest cities in America. Fifty-percent of all the new luxury apartment/condo high-rises in the downtown area are being snapped up by foreign investors who pay cash money - often paying more than the listed price.

Millennial Housing Stock

micro-unit Apartment Profiles

Rents ranging from $1,699 for a 374-square foot unit to $2,450 for 597 square feet is the going micro-apartment market-rate at FACTORY 63 with heat and central air for $30 electric bill. ( ) is in the Innovation District on Melcher Street near Boston Harbor.

Neighbors are likely to be well-paid singles in loft-style apartments fit for programmers, artists and entrepreneurs who don't mind sharing common areas like "showers? - are you kidding me!

What does affordable housing mean?

INCOME ELIGIBLE means your household income has to be below the charted levels. AMI is Adjusted Median Income and there's a chart for that. LOTTERY means you compete against others who are qualified and are chosen by chance. WAITING LIST are used to show people units that are open or due to come available as people who have been living there are ready to move out.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING means different things to different people but the terminology is based on a calculation. SEE the AMI or Adjusted Median Income Chart below on this page for an idea of how your household income affects rates you may qualify for.

Get on the lead list
We'll push periodic information we collect out to you from our sources and from referrals from hyper-local community newspapers such as the Dorchester Reporter, the Boston Herald Classifieds, the Bay State Banner (African American published),the Jamaica Plain Citizen, the Beacon Hill Courrant and others. You'll see a lot of CDC housing development activity printed there. Keep in mind that Boston has about 20 distinct neighborhoods. Most have their own newspapers and are complimented by the Boston Globe and Boston Herald major dailies.

Income limits for BRA affordable housing

2013 Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA)
AMI = the area medium income (annual per household) factor


Affordable Homes Database
for home buyers

People with Disabilities
list of Housing

Housing Authorities

BROOKLINE Housing Authority

CAMBRIDGE Housing Authority

MALDEN Housing Authority


QUINCY Housing Authority

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