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yo black students in college

Not many black college students think about how much Boston's Black community welcomes your presence. Black Boston is a lot like neighborhoods you come from. When blacks in college have the blues, go out into Black Boston for a while, it can cheer you up.

Explore urban young professional groups. They compliment black student associations you have there on campus.


We know blacks on college campuses get the blues. You are are only 7% of college students in Metro Boston. The Black college student population numbers about 13,000 out of 275,000 Boston area college students, so the blues are bound to come to you. "You can have a lot of money and still have the blues," said Jimi Hendrix after he rescored the Star Spangled Banner song to the delight of millions.

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Music and Night club list

Black-owned clubs:
- Wally's Jazz Cafe - jazz greats and Berklee students
- - open bar, comedy and nightclub, book for events
- SAVVOR R&B Lounge on Lincoln Street, downtown Boston
- Darrryl's Corner Bar and Kitchen - award winning music and foodie spot

and others:

Soul Food, African Food, Caribbean Food restaurants and more.. Get it where it's at!

Night Club, International List:
Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam, Sunday Nights, Central Sq.
The Wilbur - comedy
The Middle east, Central Square, Cambridge
Sinclairs rock club, Harv Sq.
The Paradise rock club, Comm Ave, Boston Univ
The House of Blues, the Foundation Room at the Fenway
The Good Life Bar, Kingston Street, Boston

279 Tremont St., Downtown

Whisky Saigon
116 Boylston St., Downtown

Lucky Strke Lane
145 Ipswich St., Fenway

Club Oberon
2 Arrow St., Cambridge

Good Life
28 Kingston St., Downtown

51 Stuart St., Chinatown

100 Warrenton St., Downtown

100 Warrenton St., Downtown

90 Exeter St., Back Bay

Tequila Rain
3 Lansdowne St., Fenway