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Where are the black churches?

People are always looking for Black churches in Boston. They are visiting overnight, traveling here for functions or business, and they're meeting with their social networking groups doing things.

People have called who were visitors from Ireland seeking gospel music. Groups have called when meeting in Peabody. Where are the Black Churches is a popular question and we'll do our best to refer them to your church web sites and contacts. There are many choices today. Boston may be known as a music town, but it was a Church Town first.
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Jazz Live at the Bethel A.M.E. Nov 12th
with the Ron Reid Jazz Quartet and church community

I have heard great things about this church. There was a recent live jazz concert at Bethel. It had a good crowd. Most everyone were church members. They were warm and friendly, making a point to introduce themselves to me "the stranger." I went with friends who attend Sundays. The jazz sound and presentation was excellent. The folks behind me made a point to make eye contact and smile. I like the experience. I'll go again and I recommend you do. There is a huge bible in front of the bandstand which serves as the pulpit during day time service. Its one of the biggest bibles I've ever seen!

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The first black Baptist congregation in North America was organized 1788 in Savannah, Georgia. This claim of "first" is contested by the First Baptist Church of Petersburg, Virginia.

Judah’s military correspondence sheds light on composition of biblical texts

The Bible was written around the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE. On April 11, 2016, this evidence was found by researchers of Ben-Gurion University, Be'er Sheva. Israel, who study the origin of Biblical texts. There were 16 inscriptions from the Judahite desert fortress of Arad, dated on the eve of Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem.

Black Church Formation

African Methodist Episcopal church is my home churchAME is my home church -- The Rev. Richard Allen is credited with founding the African Methodist Episcopal Church and it happend in Philly. There's an informative gold covered book written about it but I can't seem to find it at the moment. I had two of them for years but everytime I move I lose things,

... so, it was Black Ministers who were meeting with President Abraham Lincoln about what to do about "free slaves." And, they engineered the thinking behind the document commonly known as the Emancipation Proclamation. It was their idea that became Lincoln's legacy. Masses of black people gathered in South Carolina assuming they were to receive 40 acres and a mule. New England abolitionists staffed the project with teachers. Later, the African American AME Zion church was born up north. And the rest is history..

The first African American church in Boston was founded in 1805 under the leadership of Thomas Paul, but in conjunction with the white First and Second Baptist Churches of Boston. They built their meeting house on Smith Court Beacon Hill and met there from 1806 to 1898. This is the site of the Museum of African-American History (MAAH) and remains the oldest black church structure still standing in the United States. The MAAH was fully restored to its 1855 appearance and recently re-opened as a national treasure.

Black Boston Church Radio Boston

Boston Praise Radio and TV online and on the air is operated by Reverend Bruce Wall of Global Ministries. Hear the broadcast online at Youtube, Facebook and TuneIn or at the web site

Boston Black Church
and faith-based referrals

Union United Methodist church is a historical black church in Boston's South End. Last time I attended UU, Jesse Jackson was in town campaigning and stopped there to host a fundraiser.

Jubilee is the largest black church in Greater Boston. It has a location on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan and purchased church property from Catholic owners in Stoughton. I attended Jublilee when it was named Church without Walls - used to meet anywhere an empty space could hold everybody, including Strand Theater.

I saw the congregation purchase its Blue Hill church property and eventually develop the $700,000 Axiom music recording studio and Sanctuary Book Store. A few years later, I went in with a team to re-wire the A/V snake and update mixing console equipment and audio playback amps which were always blowing out due to a under-voltage condition, however; the sanctuary was so busy - there were so many events scheduled and so many things happening that no way could we unplug and replace gear at the time. Jubiliee may have more Havard-educated church members and a congregation that dishes out more financial scholarships to member high school students than all the other congregations combined.

Motivation Church, Randolph Ma.

Easter Sunday - April 20th, 2014 was GREAT at Motivation Church. more later....

About New Year's Eve 2013
My sister got the jump on me. Sent sent a text from Myrtle Beach, SC saying she was on her way to "watch night services" down there. This New's Year's Eve 2013 will be remembered as the night I went to Motivation Church in Randolph on an invitation from family who said "I thought you weren't going to go," and she was right.

I had dreams of ringing in the New Year underneath the spell of a world famous, extraordinaire music talent (like a Dave Holland or Donald Harrison, jazz musicians, although PRINCE would do) and surrounded by people in costumes drinking tasty champagne that cost a bit of money.

Well, it was forget that 2013!! I attended Motivation Church for the first time ever and was glad to have had the experience. There were multi-colored people there. The pastor is black as is most of the congregation. That night, its pulpit was filled with women and men who fit the perfect marketing demographic that every church wants.

That is, their CLV ( customer lifetime value ) dimension combined with their RLV (referral life time value) factors are expected to deliver 20+ years of support per member to this church, considering calculations that typically go into a forecast like this, if these individuals continue to like going there. A majority were ages 17-35 years old. The church is located in a single large conference-style room at the Comfort Inn off I-93/I95 South. This is not a start-up operation. Its roots stem from a much larger church. Attend and you'll be greeted by a refreshing, green Motivation Church sign the day church is in session. Trust our instincts and check it. You'll love the Motivation Church web site too.

Morning Star Baptist Church sits on a big hill overlooking Blue Hill smack dab in the hood. You can watch live broadcast online and listen to live services. The Bishop John M. Borders, III, is Senior Pastor. The construction management company who helped build it is profiled on our black business page.

Bethel AME Church in Jamaica Plain is on Walk Hill Street. I seem to always be passing by Bethel marveling at its classically serious wood front door, stone and and beautiful architecture.

The Presbytery of Boston church directory lists Afro-American, Hispanic, Taiwanese and Korean churches within a 40 mile radius of Boston.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church is located in the South End across from Washington Park. Vicar Tim Crellin and Director of Youth Programs Liz Steinhauser are some amazing people. I've worked for them a number of years. Installing the first WIFI and downstairs computer lab, file server and extending the network beyond the front office, I've spent many hours there and know its a quality church and South End community center.

Holy Tabernacle Church on Washington street Dorchester is next to Muhammad's Mosque No. 11. in Roxbury a few doors down. Holy Tab church is a major community influence with a beautiful interior and one of the most dedicated media production volunteer staffs you will ever find in a black church. And the music made there is amazing and the service is too. During a consult visit to improve video recording technology we noticed how important the free food pantry is to the community due to how well-stocked and managed the food trailer is. We recommend this church.

Muhammad's Mosque No. 11, Grove Hall, Roxbury has 2,090 Facebook page likes at the time of this writing. Think Malcom X and the Nation of Islam and you got it. A colleague is a Muslim and has worshipped there and followed its Minister Don Muhammad for years. He was part of the Fruit of Islam and drove the limo for Minister Farrakhan on his visits to Boston. And because I witnessed his dedication to the Islamic faith at work and during his spare time when he visited inmates at Suffolk County Jail as a missionary, in addition to being a regular dad and husband, there is something special about being a Muslim follower and member of the Muhammad's Mosque No. II ( not to be confused with the Boston Islamic Society new building ) if you are so inclined. Check it out.

St. Paul AME Church in Cambridge, MA is located in Central Square and just about everybody anywhere knows about St. Paul. The church bought computers from a prior business and some of those Cambridge employees were attending St. Paul.

Charles Street AME Church, Roxbury - boy has it been in the news over its black bank loan troubles. Things have been quiet lately as far as the public disclosure is concerned about the bank deal so hopefully the deal is getting quietly done. Chares Street AME (CSAC) is an education - conscious congregation located at 551 Warren Street Roxbury, MA 02121. Its Pastor is Gregory G. Groover. He was appointed by Mayor Menino to the Boston School Committee in 2007 and left that position with the school board at the beginning of 2013.

United House of Prayer Church in Roxbury (617) 442-0105, on Seaver street is just around the corner from NCAAA - the National Center of Afro-American Artists museum. This church has a soul-food restaurant specializing in tasty southern-styled and offering catering from 11-4 Tuesdays thru Sundays. The United House of Prayer for All People on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith temple is at 206 Seaver Street, Roxbury in a huge renovated multi-million dollar building across the street from the Franklin Park zoo. No web address found.

Nigerian churches in Boston - it was a long, religious, beautiful wedding at a church on Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall considered a Nigerian church ... I'll come back later to add name and location. It was a Nigerian wedding between the daughter of a king / leader and a police officer. It lasted from 8 am to well past midnight when you consider the private reception and ceremony held on a golf course centered country club where the Prince and Princess ( bride and groom ) were eventually swept away from the cheering crowd in a white helicopter headed to heaven knows where.

The first Boston Black Church sits on Beacon Hill at a historic site and popular tourist attraction.

Viewa Black Boston church directory online at
See more about churches listed here on the Churchline highlights section.

Black Ministerial Alliance (BMA)

The BMA is an alliance of over 80 faith-based and community-based organizations. The BMA receives massive funding injections from the Boston Foundation and offer funding to faith-based non-profits and related programs.

The Black Ministerial Alliance meets DECEMBER 12, 2015
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Deliverance Temple Worship Center
232 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA 02121

$5 for non-members
0$ for members

E-mail Annette Campbell at if you wish to join the Black Ministerial Alliance or present at a meeting.

The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.

George Walters Sleyon, ( @GWaltersSleyon on Twitter ) is a Ph.D. student- Univ. of Edinburgh/UK. Holds a Master of Divinity and Master in Sacred Theology in Philosophy, Theology and Social Ethics from Boston University and is the Executive Director of The Center for Church and Prison, Inc. We have added this spot to let you know about the work they do with incarceration issues and public policy.
web site:

Haitian Church Connections: Eglise De Dieu Bethel in Dorchester at 347 Washington Street and the Bowdoin Avenue intersection and there are many Haitian churches.

World religons in Greater Boston are: Afro-Caribbean, Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native, Paganism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and others. Get the addresses.

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