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    Boston investors want your business and they are picky. Try for an introduction to investors. The best way is to attend their workshops or network at business plan competition meetups around Boston. Go check out Boston accelerator meetings. Apply somewhere. Co-ops are also building funding relationships.

    CROWDFUNDERS: a general list, not all are in Boston.

    GUST - small to mid range investors

    Kiva.org - get small loans and make small loans

    Bolstr.com - small business funding

    CrowdRise.com - cause-related funding

    Fundable.com - Helps you get anyone to fund your business

    Indiegogo - like Kickstarter but pays if you fall short

    Microryza.com - for scientific projects

    PeerBackers.com - friends, uncles, etc.

    UpStart.com - for recent college grads

    RocketHub.com - art gallery and show investors

    Accelerators other

    Y Combinator - $120K for 10% equity

    TechStars Boston - $140k

    500 Startups - Blavity got bucks here

    DreamIt Ventures helps minorities

    Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

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