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Rose Crop New England Venture Capital AssociationBoston venture capitalists are easy to meet.

The Capital Network makes it super easy to meet investors who are doing deals.

Ms. Rose Crop ( in photo ) is the director of the New England Venture Capital Association. NEVCA creates connections between entrepreneurs and investors.

Black investors nationwide

NewME Accelerator of Silicon Valley
Angela Benton, CEO

The Black Founders Group

The 500 Startups $25M Black and Latino Investment Fund

There are a lot of black investor groups for the market.

Boston Investors, Accelerators and Incubators

Investing in Boston Minorities and People of Color

Fairmount LAB - Boston
Provides office space, training, mentoring and access to investors.

Epicenter Community - in the hood Boston
Epicenter Accelerate, formerly FUTURE BOSTON ACCELERATE, focuses on LOCAL creative ideas rather than billion dollar disrupters-to-be. EPICENTER invests in music, fashion, restaurants, DJ, Hip-Hop, food trucks and more..

Smarter in the City serves Roxbury. Located in Dudley Square, SMITC is a pioneering innercity startup accelerator targeting underserved populations in Roxbury Massachusetts.

Masschallenge global accelerator.
Powered by the Boston Foundation and institutional investors, MassChallenge applicants are domestic and international. From its home in the Seaport Innovation District, Masschallenge provides office space, a marketplace, big cash prizes and expertise to startup founders.

Others and Women investors

Pipeline Fellowship

37 Angels

How investors do Due Diligence

Professional accredited investors will conduct due diligence before handing the money over. Read what happens in the DUE DILIGENCE process.

Minority Business Development Agency
Certifications for government procurement and contracting

Boston's minority business sector is built upon a standardized certification process and the emerging #buyblack #bankblack movement. These initiatives help black-owned and minority-owned companies get contracts and qualify as preferred corporate vendors.

Certifications are performed by the State of Mass, City of Boston, the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, the Federal Government.

Boston based organizations such as BECMA - the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, the Collette Phillips Global Agency, The Boston Chamber of Commerce and Color Magazine hold events designed to help companies meet c-suite influencers: CEOS, Chief Diversity Officers, Presidents and Vice-Presidents, who champion diversity and service contracts with minority-owned businesses.

MBDA Boston is a federal post. The Minority Business Development Agency Boston offers services to all MBE firms. It targets MBE firms with annual revenues of over $1,000,000 or are on track for rapid growth.

The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council

The GNEMSDC is an effective, certifying minority enterprise development agency. The GNEMSDC connects large corporate buyers with minority business owners and sellers via hosted meetings, briefings and funtions. We've attended GNEMSDC events held with the Boston Red Soz, North Eastern University and Boston Scientific and found them to be effective at expanding your business.

Massachusetts SDO - Supplier Diversity Office

The Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office investigates and certifies companies for the state MBE, WBE, M/WBE certification program. These certified MBEs and WBEs participate as vendors, contractors, and professional service providers to the state of Massachusetts and their certification is honored at the state's largest corporations and institutions. Most contracts and purchase orders from governnment offices have minority business participation language.

More Community Funders

The Boston Impact Initiative provides a mix of funding and grants to companies growing up in urban Boston that have a stake in that community, are growing and have hired employees who live in the neighborhood.

Boston Community Capital supports foreclosure relief.

Partners for Common Good bases its loans on the borrowers capabilities and its connection to the community.

19 Ways to get funding for your business

  1. Be realistic in your expectations if its the first time.

  2. Cash in your life insurance, your stock, your IRA, cash in something!

  3. Get a richer person to give you a break.

  4. Get an ordinary business to give you a break.

  5. Play the Massachusetts Lottery or whatever state has one.

  6. Apply for grants and accelerators who offer cash and incubators.

  7. Ask for it over a crowdfunding site.

  8. Ask for donations.

  9. Make something out of thin air that cost practically zero and sell it.

  10. Rather than ask crowdfunders for donations, sell crowdfunders something.

  11. Get crowdfunders to pay now and take delivery later.

  12. Sell something you can do without.

  13. Ask friends and relatives for cash.

  14. Finance a receivable or an order.

  15. Buy raw materials or labor on credit or a promise to pay.

  16. Pitch your company as investment worthy.

  17. Get a job, fund it yourself ( bootstrap ).

  18. Get a richer partner be they silent or not.

  19. Ask a customer to pay in advance.

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Great companies to know

construction management - JANEY COMPANY

A black-owned OPM or owners project manager specializing in building construction and managing projects from soup to nuts. Their impressive portfolio has that WOW factor. JANEY COMPANY recently built and opend a new Teen Center in Mattapan. The firm has erected structures for NorthEastern University, Whittier Health Clinic, Mattapan Community Health buildings, hotels, office parks and more. Call JANEY at (617) 267-6200. view their impressive portfolio online at

CPA Accounting - Sambookolo, CPA

A black-owned professional accounting and CPA licensed firm lead by principals who do the work and sign off on your financials. They are representing for profits, non profits, individuals with tax return needs and corporations. Sambookolo and Associates CPA LLC is an expert auditing firm and conducts contract compliance auditing and other forms of sophisticated auditing for Fortune 1000 sized firms. Learn more online at

Business History:

The printed edition of The Black Pages of New England directory was an important Boston area Yellow Pages style directory of businesses in a print format ( 1990 - 2008), that made it simple to shop with black-owned businesses in New England. Affectionately, known as The Black Pages (BPO), it was a platform for small and large Black-owned companies to be seen, and for regional corporations to make their brands known to readers of the book.

In March of 2017 the founder announced the new online edition of The on the radio station TouchFM 106.1 of Grove Hall, Roxbury.

During the show the founder said "when the BlackPages began in the 90's, the organization reached out to others across the United States about providing Black-Owned business listings in other cities and regions." Now there are Blackpage editions all over the country so make sure you add the word online when searching for the made-in-Massachusetts version of The Black Pages.

The Negro Motorist Green Book, (1936-1964) was a model Black business directory in print that became the bible of travel for Black motorists. Made by a mailman and published when society separated Blacks from whites at drinking fountains, bathrooms, housing and public establishments, the Green Book provided Blacks with places to eat, stay and buy from that welcomed them. Over 50 locations were in Massachusetts at the time. The Green Book covered much of North America, including most of the United States and parts of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

Boston by the Numbers

Black Business Article Feature examined the Marley Coffee company and explains how "JAMN JAVA, Inc." leveraged the Bob Marley name brand, coffee and the social value of organic sustainability to build a business and extend a legend.

Read our Marley Coffee article.

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