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We're an African-American oriented web site offering things to do, places to go and entertainment suggestions on our calendar of events page. Black church reviews are here. You can list your business and find an investor. We make referrals. Connect with hiring companies,, attend community activities, locate affordable apartments and Chat Live with a human being on AboutBlackBostonOnline.com.

Boston history

Boston's first black community

Black Boston Commons

Boston's Amazon HQ Proposal Pitch. PDF Download file

Research Project Recruitment

African American Parents can earn $25 to answer questions

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African American Parents Study

Learn More. Parents must identify as African-American (Black American) and have a child between the ages of 4 and 12.

Job offers from diversity and inclusion sensitive employers are here.

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Make and give a Black Boston souvenir to someone. You order online and ship it anywhere in the world.

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Black Wealth

The Black residential dense part of Boston is RDM-JP. Blacks contribute over $2B dollars to Greater Boston's $380B annual Gross Domestic Product and there's a breakdown where the money goes. Twenty-one percent of Africans Americans make $75,000 a year in the United States. Black billionaires are out of the closet! They are making ethnic software products, supporting museums, boosting non-profits, teaching Black kids how to play baseball in the park, mentoring neighborhood turfs and so on. It is so much fun to watch Black Billionaires doing their thing! But according to recent national surveys, the financial strength of the average African American household is worse today than it was in the year 2000.

We Refer Black-Owned businesses

Recent referrals went to affordable housing prospects, Black-owned print shops, duct cleaners, club and restaurants, Black Bank marketing divisions, Black Social Groups who program social getaways, and Black-owned office cleaning companies. Keep those Referral Requests coming folks.

Our Concierge Desk Live Person Response Person is available. Supporting #BuyBlack #machine #language #learn.

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Audience Characteristics

About who is viewing the site: 30% are age 18-24, 38% are age 25-34; the rest are age 35-65+, with 2% teen viewers. Metropolitan Boston supplies 70%. Additional viewers are from Brockton, Framingham, New York, and East Coast states. We see viewers come in from Florida, Texas and Los Angeles. A few viewers are from Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean islands.

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Affordable Apartment Rentals

Cheap Apartments by Lottery

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Massachusetts Affordable Housing Finders

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Our smallwall.net affordable housing finder site list properties designated for income-restricted households who typically have less than $68,000 per year in annual income. The applicants qualify for modern, new apartment rentals, older mixed use rentals, and homes and condos sold below the market rate. A lottery determines who gets the unit. These apartments have fixed priced rents. An average new Studio or 1BR apartment rents for $700-$1,100, depending on location. Individuals with Section 8 vouchers and other types of housing subsidy pay just 30% of their monthly income for properties only available by entering the lottery.

visit SmallWall.net

sculpture from a West Tisbury Gallery on Martha's Vineyard
gallery in West Tisbury


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Enter your contact info with a list of keywords that describe your company separated by commas. People are looking to buy from companies listed here. We take their calls. And many want to #buyblack. Requests come from contractors, buyers, vendors, homeowners and management agents.

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The Minority Business Marketplace

Summary: These numbers are Massachusetts government spending and do not include revenues made by minority firms in the general economy. The State maintains a certification level of 2,866 minority-owned business enterprises (MBE) and (WBE) and 1,160 (DBEs). State spending with MBEs grew by 11%. Certified minority and women received part of the $969,205,410 in direct business. A huge chunk of that went through the small business purchasing program open to all. Nearly 1,000 MBEs and other minority groups billed the state.
Vacation to New England - V2NE
Vacation2NewEngland.com is an African-American owned web site guide providing 100 Excellent reasons to experience Black New England and travel to Northeastern regional states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on adventure, casino gaming and cannabis influenced destinations. see V2NE before it launches.

Blacks on TV and Museums


Television personalities
Soledad O'Brien started her career under Sarah Ann Shaw whom she gave tribute to during the Urban League's State of Black Boston reunion 2014.

Local television outlets have many brown faces these days. Old timers say there used to be more than there are now. TV news reporters and on air hosts show off the diversity of what a majority-minority city is. It is a Pan African mix. African Americans are not the majority group on air. The public affairs show format is a mainstay anchor for the Blacks on TV category. Karen Holmes hosts CityLine Sunday mornings, Callie Crossley does Greater Boston and Basic Black on Friday nights - she is on daytime GBH radio too, and Byron Barnett brands the Urban Update TV show on Sunday mornings.

Basic Black produced by WGBH is the longest running public affairs television program in Boston. The Comcast public affairs station BNN-TV Channel 23 showcases producers of color from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan.
The Museum of Afro-American History on Beacon Hill offers guided tours while exhibiting Colonial African American life in Boston.
An important Civil War stature of African Americans is the U.S. 54th Regiment Memorial across the street from the Capitol building on Beacon Hill.

Massachusetts public school statistics

Massachusetts school district race and ethnic demographics.

Legal Services

  • You can Advertise a Flyer Click to upload it.
  • The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice Boston
    does cases for people, groups and companies.Go to www.lawyerscom.org

  • Discrimination complaints start with MCAD - mass.gov/mcad

  • Lawyers of color formed - TheBostonLawyersgroup.com

  • Boston Bar Association Referral Line is (617) 742-0625
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Danielson Tavares

Daniel Tavares,
Chief Diversity Officer
for the City of Boston

ROOM 603
BOSTON, MA 02201
Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley,
elected Councillor at-large
the first African American woman
elected to Boston City Council
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