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In Early America, 1630s ... Africans, in a very small group were brought to Boston on the cargo vessel named "Desire" in 1638. You may view a paper by First Governor John Winthrop, the Pilgrim leader where he named the Black Africans. Boston has 200,000 Black people residing within city limits now. Black Boston zip codes for Mattapan 02126, Dorchester 02120-02125, and Roxbury 02119 host more Blacks in Boston, than any other part of the city. The Town of Randolph has the highest percentage of Black residents of any town population in Massachusetts state,

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Blacks in the Movies.

@ABBINFO Advance Movie Screening Series provides free movie passes to ATOMIC BLOND on 7/25, 7pm at AMC BOston Common. See DETROIT, 7/26 at AMC Boston Common. Academy winning beauty Halle Berry freaks out in "Kidnap" on 8/1 at 7pm AMC Boston. And for champions and political wonks - come to experience the hollywood-made FERGUSON uprising documentary on 8/9. Get tix.
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Twenty-one percent of Africans Americans make $75,000 a year.

Well not only that, Black billionaires are out of the closet too. One in particular helps young Black kids on baseball fields. He mentors them and donated $100M to non-profit social capacity builders he believes in. We tweeted his story @BlackBoston Tweets.

Destination Martha's Vineyard

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Watch our new Casino influenced Black New England Travel web site, oriented to African Americans, black tourists and all leisure travelers, come to life. Visit the construction of The OGBB. We want to meet contributors and vendors who are in the travel industry. Introduce Yourself

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Thirty-percent of our site population is age 18-24, 38% are 25-34 years old, 18% are 35-44, 17% are 45-54 years old, 15% are 55-64 years old and 4% are age 65+. The top cities supplying user traffic are Boston at 59%, Cambridge 7%, Randolph 7%, Brookline sends 2%, and a collective 7% arrive from Framingham, Quincy, Malden, Watertown, Milton and Stoughton combined.

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Black authors recommended

This section shall feature African American authors, Black writers, Black superhero books and digital projects. Stay tuned for updates.


ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the popular host of a TV science show.

Research Projects that Pay

Volunteers can earn bucks working with Ph. D cultural researchers and medical doctors from MGH, TUFTS, Boston University and Belmont who conduct research.

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African American parent project

African American parents will earn $25 if invited to join
this research study about culture and parenting practices. You might be eligible if you identify as African-American (Black American) and you have a child between the ages of 4 and 12. A Gift Card of $25 will be provided to participants.
African American Parents Study

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Affordable housing is an apartment renting as a studio or a 1-4 BR apartment below market. It may be a single family home or a condo sold to First Time buyers or to income restricted individuals. - Affordable apartments and condo referrals to use when you make less than $65,000 annually.

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Our STEM Studio

We are self-taught STEM-skilled, however there are many inclusive-non profits around that are helping people of color excel in STEM. You can improve your school work, learn to code, make a computer game and more. Get connected via our Stem Infinity Studio.

MEDIA - Television and Black Museums

Blacks on TV
BLACK BOSTON TV offers local, and regional programming choices. The WGBH Basic Black series show is the longest running public affairs television program in Boston. BNN-TV Channel 23 is Boston's Public Access tv station offering a full slate of programming by people of color.

The Museum of Afro-American History on Beacon Hill offers guided tours while exhibiting Colonial African American life in Boston.
The Robert Gould Shaw and U.S. 54th Regiment Memorial nearby has Civil War figures of Shaw and his decorated posse.

Massachusetts public school statistics

K-12 class Sizes by race and ethnicity

Legal Services

  • The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice Boston
    does cases for people, groups and companies.Go to

  • Discrimination complaints start with MCAD -

  • Lawyers of color formed -

  • Boston Bar Association Referral Line is (617) 742-0625
Meet AboutBlackBoston Online People

Meet AboutBlackBoston Online People

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HARLEM - the look and feel exhibition
at Cooper Gallery, Cambridge

Community Outreach
AboutBlackBoston Online content is rated good for the whole family. Young internet users will find a teen resume guide, community activities and announcements. You'll see mentions about mentoring and development organizations who work with youth.
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Misty Copeland, African American Ballerina

Misty Copeland, the first African American ballerina and principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre.

Look inside the book on Amazon
Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You

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Daniel Tavares,
Chief Diversity Officer
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Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley,
elected Councillor at-large
the first African American woman
elected to Boston City Council
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