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Early America: Africans from Angola and West Africa were brought to Boston in 1638. It was a small group of black men and women. A black community was born. It gained prominence through the 17th, 18th and 19th century. From 1950 to about 1970, redlining and racism caused Blacks to take root and displace the Irish and Jewish people living in the Boston communities of Mattapan, Dorchester and Roxbury. This disruption created a four zip code "Black Boston" part of town.

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  • Black Electrician
  • Apartment Lottery Applications (sent)
  • Apartments in Norfolk County
  • Black-owned function hall to rent
  • 20 minute speaker for 7-9th grade career trade students
If you supply the above, please reply with a statement to contact@blackboston.com. We want to connect you to the buyers.

All readers can request
- FICO Score Fix consultation by phone with expert credit fixers. make the request

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Paid medical research volunteer projects

Black Boston church referrals

African American parents are invited to join this research study about culture and parenting practices. You might be eligible if you identify as African-American (Black American) and you have a child between the ages of 4 and 12. A Gift Card of $25 will be provided to participants.
African American Parents Study

Martha's Vineyard Art on The Vine
multicultural artists exhibit the works
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Research Studies paying volunteers
Boston medical researchers pay volunteers and we're recruiting for them. Consider these paid volunteer opportunities to join a medical research study targeting people of color:

1- payment for volunteer service
2- helps improve healthcare delivery
3- variety of studies affect families

Boston Apartment Rents
What if you want to rent a great apartment in Cambridge? CHROMA is a new 96-unit building at 240 Sydney Street in Cambridgeport. Their studio apartments rent for $2,350, 1BR for $2,650, 2BR for $3,350 .. so there you go. For income-restricted housing that cost 50% less and is just as good send us a note.
Affordable Homes - When your household income is between $20,000 and $65,000, the Boston market offers income-restricted apartment unit rentals which may be studio apartments, 1BR,2BR,3BR in great neighborhoods.

MEDIA - Television and Black Museums


Blacks on TV
BLACK BOSTON TV offers local, and regional programming choices. The WGBH Basic Black series show is the longest running public affairs television program in Boston. BNN-TV Channel 23 is Boston's Public Access tv station offering a full slate of programming by people of color.

The Museum of Afro-American History on Beacon Hill offers guided tours while exhibiting Colonial African American life in Boston.
The Robert Gould Shaw and U.S. 54th Regiment Memorial nearby has Civil War figures of Shaw and his decorated posse.

Massachusetts public school statistics

K-12 class Sizes by race and ethnicity

Legal Services

advertise on AboutBlackBoston

advertise on AboutBlackBoston


Searchable Boston Black Business directory
ANS: A number of arts and cultural institutions, the YMCA, Boys Club of America locations, Boston Public Library, the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center, Franklin Park Coalition, Elma Lewis Playhouse, the KROC Center, the Boston NAACP and the City of Boston present a well rounded mix of fun hands-on activities for kids.
Flat rate quotes for transportation from Logan Airport to over 300 cities and towns in Massachusetts, NH and RI.
Airport taxi pools are open 24/7. You can get one at the airport any time of day or night. Taxis charge $5.40 per mile. Heavy traffic days are the worst for airport taxi pooling. You wait in long lines.
Prebook private car service to make your Boston to Washington D.C. flights.
We've been comparing what hotels charge large meeting and conference planners. We have the info.
In 2015-2016, Boston hotel rates averaged around $235/night.
Four star hotels cost about $130/night if you book them outside Boston city.

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Access current apartment lotteries and low to middle income affordable housing opportunities.
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We list investors, black business lists and contract sources. See profiles of businesses owned by people of color.
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View photos of pastors and read about Black church history and visits.
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Danielson Tavares

Daniel Tavares,
Chief Diversity Officer
for the City of Boston

ROOM 603
BOSTON, MA 02201
Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley,
elected Councillor at-large
the first African American woman
elected to Boston City Council
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